Friday, 22 March 2019

Cabinet ministers Liz Trust and Andrea Leadsom want a no Deal Brexit

            Move for a no deal Brexit growing in the cabinet!
                         Liz Trust says that the Prime Minister should support a no deal Brexit rather than have an extension with the EU.   This is political dynamite, also Andrea Leadsom supports a no deal Brexit.
Clearly the Prime Minister must soon resign or be forced out.  She has already been told by at least twenty Conservatives that her time is up.  She will soon  have to go like it or not!

Dutch elections bombshell!
            Climate Skeptic Party FvD tops the poll in the Dutch elections. Forum voor Democratic now is the largest party in the Dutch senate    (Dutch News 21 March 2019)

Quote of the week:   Patrick Murphy(Irish News):   Dear Mr Tusk  if Brexit is delayed will I still go to hell?

Monday, 18 March 2019

Patriot Humour

acknowledgements to Patriot Post

Thursday, 14 March 2019

1972 and all that!

                        In 1972 in many parts of Belfast law and order had broken down.  The same applied in Londonderry where 25 members of the security forces both Army and RUC officers were murdered by the Derry brigade of the IRA.  There was in reality an insurrection against the state.   It was the duty of the army to quell such an insurrection and that they did but with great cost to themselves.  Hundreds of soldiers and over 200 RUC officers were murdered.   I know that law and order had broken down as I worked as a lecturer in the centre of Belfast in 1972 where I watched victims with  IRA gunshot wounds being brought into the college, where buildings collapsed after IRA bombs destroyed them.  In a war situation with an insurrection and with no law in parts of Belfast it is treasonable to charge members of the security forces.  Of course innocent people got killed.  I had a friend shot dead who was simply getting petrol.
                    The march in Londonderry was 15 000 strong and was illegal.  What was the army to do? stand aside?   They had to restore order.  That was their legal mandate.   Instead of criticising them it should be realised but for the army and the RUC there could have been total anarchy with possibly thousands dead.  Today (Thursday  14 March) I listened to the BBC Talkback programme when Mr Crawley was ever so quick to talk of a " massacre" and that "only" one soldier was to be prosecuted.  Even Saville did not use the word massacre.  Neither Saville or Crawley were there.
                            Those who marched in that march knew in advance that the march was illegal and they knew they were deliberately breaking the law.  The army was under fire.  They had no choice but to restore law and order.   Clearly just like innocent soldiers and police so innocent civilians died.     It was the inevitable consequence of a illegal march.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

May deal defeated by 149 votes for the second time.

               The Prime Minister has been defeated for the second time.   This time by 149 votes.  Last time it was by 230 votes.   There are growing calls for her to resign.   The latest YouGov poll this week has 58 percent who say the May deal does not deliver on the referendum result.   Also 44 percent say they would support a no deal Brexit, a very high figure.  While the House of Commons voted against a no deal Brexit it has no legal standing. The law is that the UK leaves on 29 March.  Several cabinet ministers Rudd and Gauke refused to back the Prime Minister in the no deal vote but have not been sacked.  Clearly they are Remainers like May herself and seem to be above being sacked.   There is now a move to vote on an extension of Article 50, clearly the referendum result looks as if it could be denied to the people----the total overthrow of democracy if
that was to happen. The DUP voted against the May deal each time.    Above image with acknowledgements to the Times 13 March 2019

Friday, 8 March 2019

Dragon Space capsule touchdown

Space X  Dragon space capsule touches down in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida  8 March
acknowledgements to Space X and to NASA.

Thursday, 28 February 2019

UK Agriculture minister resigns from government

                 George Eustace MP the agriculture minister has resigned from the government in protest at the Prime Minister agreeing to an extension of Article 50 if the vote on her deal is defeated on 12 March.  In a Commons vote last night(27 February) a third of the conservative parliamentary party refused to back the government.  Mr Eustace who is the MP for Camborne and Redruth said he fears events in Parliament this week "will lead to a series of events culminating in the EU dictating the terms of any extension requested and the final humiliation of our country"
        The final humiliation of our country does not appear to concern the DUP party who are all too willing to support Mrs May in her deal rejected by 230 votes!   what a shame!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Democrats `green new deal` will turn America into Venezuela! National Post

Rex Murphy:  Democrats `Green New Deal` will turn America into Venezuela!  National Post 12 February 2019.       Here is the link