Friday, 29 May 2015

Sepp Blatter elected again?

                         Sepp Blatter the President of Fifa has just been elected for an incredable fifth time. With all these corruption matters swirling around it is an incredable achievement.  He fell just short of being elected on the first ballot.  Will there be actual charges against these Fifa officials or will the accusations be quietly dropped?

added note: With Blatter`s resignation announced there will be an election for the Presidency of FIfA in December.  While Blatter remains as caretaker president there is nothing to stop him standing in the election.   The big question is will he?

Ashers bakery in Belfast is to appeal the court decision

                  Ashers bakery in Belfast is to appeal the decision by the court that they discriminated against a gay man when  they refused to bake a cake depicting same sex marriage.  the Christian Institute id supporting Ashers in the appeal.                                  

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Irish Republic referendum on same sex marriage

                            This Friday see a referendum on same sex marriage in the Irish Republic.  Reports indicate a close result.  the Roman Catholic Church has had statements read out in all Catholic churches in the Republic supporting traditional marriage and opposing same sex marriage.  Referendums have already been held in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania.  All these referendums have resulted in same sex marriage being rejected.  Russia has also rejected same sex marriage.  The referendum  has been passed by a majority of about 62 % to 38%(28 May).  While the majority is decisive the no percentage came to over 170 000 which would have included members of all parties including Sinn Fein.

Baptist preacher enters White House race on the Republican side

                       Ordained Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee has entered the White House race as a possible Republican candidate.  He says he is ready to take on the Clinton clan.  And we will all say Amen to that!