Friday, 31 July 2015

Crisis Crisis and more Crises!

Crisis 1)    What is the answer to the Calais crisis?.  Lorry haulage drivers, many from Northern Ireland feel threatened.  Should the government close our borders? Should the army be sent in ?  What about our border with the Republic.  Should our border be manned?
   The number of illegal immigrants using our border has increased from 274 to 468 including some criminals who have been deported from GB.

Crisis 2)    the spokesman for the Iran religious leader has made it clear that no-one will be permitted to inspect Iranian military sites(television interview).  That really means the Obana "deal" is in tatters.   Read the truth about the coming crisis with Iran and Israel. The nuclear crisis!

                             radical Islam, oil, and the nuclear threat

                    by Pastor Mark Hitchcock, Pastor of Faith Bible Church Edmond Oklahoma
       available in all Faith Mission bookshops.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Developments at home and abroad.

             At home I see that Mr McGuiness is on his way to the US to consult with his american allies. With the Northern Ireland Secretary of state Ms De Villiers also on her way to the states I would have thought this would have been front page news in the local media, but apparently not!  Very odd!

            Abroad in a television  interview the spokesman for the Iranian Islamic religious leader made it very clear that on no account will Iran permit the inspection of military sites by anyone!.  Again strangely this has not been given any real coverage in the British media.  Why not?  Also where does this leave the Obama nuclear deal with Iran?   In tatters?   Is Israel justified in rejecting the deal?  What are the implications of the clear fall out between Israel and Obama?  can Iran be trusted?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Flights to Gatwick from Belfast to be cut.(Report)

    As a result of the takeover of Aer Lingus by AIG(Aviation International Group) it is reported that Aer Lingus flights from Belfast to Gatwick are likely to be cut from five flights a day to one(press report).  This is not good news for the travelling public so one must ask what are local politicians doing about it?  apparently nothing!

More Green cuts for solar panels and wind farms. UK government in a green cull.

                  Householders who thought they were on to a good thing with solar panels have fallen foul of government cut backs. It is proving to be a loser.   Feed in tariffs are being reduced for solar panels on  roofs under UK government plans. Also at least 200 proposed solar farms are likely to be abandoned with subsidies being withdrawn.   this follows after subsidies for windfarms have been withdrawn.   Bill Gates the richest man in the world has said solar and wind renewables are much too expensive and will never take over fossil fuels.  In the US president Obama has given permission for drilling for oil in the Arctic much to the frustration of green  advocates.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Windsors and the Nazis. Is there a connection?

                          The photograph of the Queen giving a Nazi salute in 1933 on the front page of todays Sun newspaper makes one wonder if there really is a connection.  Certainly Andrew Morton thinks there is in his book on the subject:  The Windsors, the Nazis and the cover-up.  Published by Michael O`Mara books London 2015.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Patricia McBride and Alec Kane wrong in BBC Talkback direct rule discussion.

                  A discussion today on Talkback on the possibility of direct rule for northern Ireland as a result of the welfare cuts impasse in the Assembly led to some mistaken notions..  The London government will not countenance "joint authority" in such circumstances regardless of any "agreement".  The analysis by both Patricia McBride and Alec Kane is flawed.  While the Irish government may have an interest in such circumstances they will have no constitutional input into the governance of Northern Ireland.
                Also Alec Kane`s suggestion of a possible suspension of the assembly will not happen.  In a letter to the Northern Ireland finance minister Mrs Foster the treasury in London have said they are making preparations for the takeover of welfare matters.That is the only direct rule that will occur.  All other assembly matters will continue as usual.  The only change will be London will control welfare.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Water cannons banned in Britain but not in Northern Ireland!

                   The Home Secretary in her speech in the House of Commons has banned the use of water cannons in Britain as being too dangerous.   Yet the police in Northern ireland can use them with no such restriction.   Not a word of opposition from unionist politicians!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Institute of fiscal studies exposes the budget con

    According to the IFS(Institute for Fiscal Studies) 13 million families will be £260 worse off as a result of changes to tax credits.  three million families will be £1000 worse off as a result!.  In other words the budget is a total con.  What has the BBC and the rest of the "experts" in the Northern Ireland media got to say about this fiasco?  Precious little!   even  worse what has the eleven  unionist MPs to say?   they are so quiet you would hardly hear a squeak from them!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Is Merkel the new Fuhrer?

                 With Greece resoundly rejecting the trioka austerity bail outs and with reports that Merkel wants reform imposed,  some are suggesting Merkel is the new Fuhrer!    Are we witnessing the end of the euro? what will happen to our money?  Will we have any at the end of this? Changes seem to be the order of the day.  With Jeremy Corbyn closing in on the other contenders for the Labour leadership and with Donald Trump now the Republican front runner for President in the US could we be witnessing a dramatic change in world political affairs?  Watch this space!.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Will Austria be out of the EU before Greece?

                        It has just been announced that Austria has obtained 128 000 signatures to trigger a referendum on membership of the EU.   A vote can be triggered with 100 000 signatures so will Austria leave the EU before Greece?   As Austria is one of the richest members it is clear there is likely other reasons why people in Austria may want to leave.  National sovereignty? National independence? This will be a fundamental factor in the coming UK  referendum.