Friday, 31 July 2015

Crisis Crisis and more Crises!

Crisis 1)    What is the answer to the Calais crisis?.  Lorry haulage drivers, many from Northern Ireland feel threatened.  Should the government close our borders? Should the army be sent in ?  What about our border with the Republic.  Should our border be manned?
   The number of illegal immigrants using our border has increased from 274 to 468 including some criminals who have been deported from GB.

Crisis 2)    the spokesman for the Iran religious leader has made it clear that no-one will be permitted to inspect Iranian military sites(television interview).  That really means the Obana "deal" is in tatters.   Read the truth about the coming crisis with Iran and Israel. The nuclear crisis!

                             radical Islam, oil, and the nuclear threat

                    by Pastor Mark Hitchcock, Pastor of Faith Bible Church Edmond Oklahoma
       available in all Faith Mission bookshops.

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