Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Who do you believe Adams or the Chief Constable and the Sunday Times reporter?

                    Has the IRA gone away as Mr Adams tells us?  Well the Sunday Times John Mooney made it clear they were the biggest crime organisation in the Republic and the IRA army council meets twice a year!     So who do you believe Adams or the Sunday Times reporter and the Chief Constable?  Are they all lying except Adams?   Sinn Fein are clearly unfit for government.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Debbie Abraham MP calls today on Ian Duncan Smith the WP Secretary to resign.

Iain Duncan Smith must resign after he disgraced himself yet again, with a leaflet containing fabricated comments from non-existent DWP benefit claimants, according to a leading Opposition MP. (see www.voxpolitical.com and change.org)
Debbie Abrahams, who has been a leading light in the fight to force the Conservative Government to reveal the true number of people who have died following Duncan Smith’s “welfare reforms”, said the Work and Pensions secretary’s behaviour was a “disgrace” and his position was untenable.
But don’t take This Writer’s word for it – here’s Ms Abrahams herself (all boldings mine):
“As a member of the work and pensions select committee, I have called for Iain Duncan Smith to resign following revelations that his department created a leaflet about sanctions containing made-up quotes attributed to non-existent benefit claimants.
“I instigated an inquiry into the use of sanctions by the work and pensions committee, which reported in March this year, and I believe after being caught out so publicly it must be impossible for Iain Duncan Smith to continue as work and pensions secretary and he should do the honourable thing and resign.
“This is yet another example of not only his incompetence, but what can only be described as very shady and unscrupulous behaviour not befitting a Member of Parliament let alone a Secretary of State leading a Government Department.
“Once again, Duncan Smith is caught trying to paint a particular picture of social security claimants. He is a disgrace and should do the honourable thing and resign. When his own department have to resort to this sort of tactic, in adesperate attempt to make it appear as though the system is working, no-one can be left believing that his draconian social security sanctions regime is fit for purpose.

Monday, 10 August 2015

There will never be a united ireland

   Contrary to Mr McGuinness`s assertion that a united ireland is inevitable election results indicate the opposite. In the general election in Northern Ireland the unionist vote went up to 46% while the overall combined republican and nationalist vote declined to 38% with Sinn Fein losing Fermanagh by a massive 500 votes.    Mr McGuinness the union  is appealing to  more and more nationalist voters in northern Ireland.  However we need a refinement in electoral policy.  A return to full democracy is the next step.  Power sharing was an interim solution but to free up decision making, a return to full democracy in Northern Ireland as in any other country is the inevitable outcome.  That means majority rule.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Mental health in northern ireland a disaster!

               I strongly advocate the abolition of the five health trusts in Northern ireland.  They are eating up millions which could be going direct to hospitals and GPs.  They are full of administrators on massive salaries.  We cannot afford them.  Take mental health.  The people of Northern Ireland are getting a raw deal.  Those with mental health problems in England are guaranteed one hour a week with a mental health councillor.  In Northern Ireland mental health sufferers can go for months without an appointment. What are political parties like the DUP going to do about this situation?.                     Also those suffering with eating disorders here  often have to be transferred to hospitals in England to save their lives.  Why is there no money going into anorexic sufferers in Northern Ireland?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Deisel car pollution, thousands dying in London. EU very concerned How many people in Northern Ireland are dying as a result?

                        A report from the London Mayor`s office has revealed that much larger numbers of people in London are dying as a consequence of pollution from diesel cars on London`s streets.(report in Financial times 15 July).how many are dying here in Northern Ireland? Is it not time the health authorities here looked into this matter? As many as 9400 died prematurely in 2010 because they spent years breathing in pollutants commonly found in fumes from diesel cars and trucks such as particulates and nitrogen oxides (study by Kings College London academics. )  Other parts of the UK including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are bound to also be affected.
            A recent report in the Sunday Times (26 July) noted that scientists warned British ministers 22 years ago their planned alarmist "dash for diesel" could cause a public health disaster.  They were ignored by the climate alarmist politicians who believed wrongly it was more important for lower carbon dioxide(a harmless gas) so they promoted diesel cars with now disastrous health implications. Britain has been exposed by the EU with heavy fines in the pipeline if this pollution is not dealt with..

               This disaster  was promoted by the Brown government politicians.  Are they going to compensate the relatives of all those who have died  and those who are suffering?   they certainly should.   As far as Northern Ireland is concerned this should be raised in the Northern ireland Assembly as a matter of extreme urgency.