Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Corbyn. He would not press the nuclear button.. Are his days as leader numbered?

                 Mr Jeremy Corbyn    says in the event of a nuclear confrontation he would not press the nuclear button.  In that case if a rogue state fired a nuclear bomb to hit Britain is he telling the British people he would not defend them?   Defence of the realm and protection of the British people is an essential prerequisite of any British Prime Minister.   If he will not adhere to this fundamental requirement of a Prime Minister then it is only a matter of time before he is replaced.  Some might say his position is treasonable.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Donald Trump--- Pope is wrong on climate change!

   Politico reports that the Pope`s campaign for climate change has got nowhere in the US Congress(Report by nick Gass 24 September 2015)..  Trump says he is all for clean air and clean water but he says the Pope is wrong on climate change, we cannot destroy our country.  Gass reports that this month is the warmest on re4ord.   It is not!.   For 80 percent of the 6 billion years of earth existence the global temperature has been higher than today. Pollen samples taken from Baffin Bay shows that the temperature five thousand years ago was four degrees higher than today(Professor Ian Plimer Adelaide University).  When are media
people like Gass going to stop reporting on alarmist nonsense claims on climate change?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Would you buy a diesel? Is the Brown Labour government to blame for the health deaths from asthma?

                       The deception by VW over vehicle emission testing has brought this matter to a head. However lets be clear about what emissions we are dealing with.  It is not carbon dioxide emissions that are causing the pollution but it is the nitrous oxides and particulates emitted by diesel engines that are causing serious health problems in many UK cities.
                 Mr E King the President of the AA said that drivers were encouraged to go for diesel as there was hysteria over carbon dioxide at the time under the Brown Labour government.  that was the big greenie lie propagated by some greenie politicians at Westminster and some of their allies in the print media. The Brown government brought in the scheme to penalise those vehicles that emitted higher carbon dioxide levels. Tax breaks in the form of lower car tax were given to those who bought diesel vehicles.  This when all along it was the particulates and nitrous oxides from diesel vehicles that are the causes of air pollution, not carbon dioxide.  this was and still is a scare put out by unknowledgable politicians. the greenie politicians were warned at the time that diesel vehicles emit ten times the particulates and twice the nitrous oxides of a petrol vehicle.

                Over the last decade the number of diesel vehicles on UK roads has risen  from 1.6 million to over 11 million and accounts for a third of all vehicles on UK roads.   Frank Kelly the chair of the Department of Health committee on air pollution in GB said the public were still being misled about the benefits of diesel cars with  plenty of information abot carbon dioxide emissions(which do not harm the environment) but nothing about the particulates and nitrous oxides pollution coming from diesel vehicles.   It is reported that about 18 cities in the UK could be forced to impose higher charges on diesel vehicles.  these nitrous pollutants are closely related  to asthma and respiratory diseases. By World Health Organisation (WHO) standards 96 percent of UK urban dwellers are exposed to dangerous levels of particulates.The WHO has classed diesel fumes as a cause of cancer.

               (report by S Swinford. N Collins and G Lean  Daily Telegraph 2 August 2014)
     As for Northern Ireland we need the environment minister Mr Durkin MLA to determine how many diesel vehicles there are in Northern Ireland and how he is going to restrict their movement. There has been many premature deaths in the UK as a result of the pollution coming from  these disastrous decisions by past govenment ministers. A network of low emission zones is already being set up in cities in GB and diesel vehicles are being lilted in access to these zones. Should politicians be made accountable?

Captured Isis leader says they are being funded by the US government!

                  A report in RT has revealed that captured Isis leader Yousef al-Salafi has told Pakistani officials that Isis is being funded by the US government.  Is that the reason why Obama has not taken on  Isis?    Is that the reason he does not want Russia in Syria?  the Russians will take on Isis and defeat them. Remember it is Isis that is slaughtering British citizens.  Thirty died on the beaches of Tunisia only a couple of months ago.
IS  OBAMA A MUSLIM?  IS THIS PHOTOGRAPH THE PROOF?    This startling photograph taken by Associated Press at the August 2014 gathering of African leaders in Washington DC shows President Obama giving the Muslim  Shahada the extended forefinger symbolic of Islamic faith. This photograph was only published in the UK in the Daily Mail but the Daily Mail editors did not understand what they were looking at.  They thought is was only finger wagging. However the African dignitaries understood. Note the reaction of Abdelilah Berkirane the prime minister of Morocco pictured just behind Obama`s left shoulder, and Ibrahim Boubacas Keita the president of Mali in white garb and hat.  They are Muslims through and through and they are all smiles.   the one finger index finger represents the Muslim one god concept that there is only one god Allah. Essentially forget about the god of the Bible!  Thats what they are saying and it would seem Obama concurs!

Friday, 18 September 2015

The Russian build up continues

Debbka File reports that five Russian ships with guided missiles on board have arrived off the coast of Syria. Russia has alerted countries in the region that they will be conducting military exercises and test firing in the region which will go on until 7 October.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

UKIP Henry Reilly. Is he suspended or not?

                       The controversy in the press regarding the status of Henry Reilly  Northern Ireland UKIP councillor as to whether or not he is suspended is very unedifying.  Mr McNarry MLA says he is suspended while Mr Reilly says he is not!    this situation will most certainly not be an inducement for Northern Ireland unionists to vote for UKIP and will undoubtedly be a fillip for both the DUP and the UUP.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

World`s largest nuclear submarine the Russian Dmitri Donskoy heading for Syria! Dramatic development!

 The world`s largest nuclear submarine the Dmitri Donskoy(above) with 20 ICBM and 200 nuclear warheads on board is on its way to take up position off the Syrian coast(Debka file report).  In addition six Russian Mig fighters have landed in Damascus and Russia is in the process of building a new base on the west coast of Syria. Will this lead to a confrontation with US military forces in the region? Are we on the verge of a nuclear conflagation?  The Russian submarine set sail on 4 September from its North Sea base
 escorted by two anti sub warfare ships.  Each nuclear missile on the Dmitri Donskoy has a range of
10 000km.  Will Obama confront Russia?  Is he capable of such insanity?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Over 82 percent of unionists agree with UUP leaving executive

              In a new poll of around 2000 unionist voters commissioned by on line polling company Lucid Talk over 80 percent of unionists polled said they agree with the UUP leaving the Northern Ireland executive.  This puts the DUP in a difficult position.  How long do they remain in the executive before it starts to affect their electoral chances?   There is no doubt that UUP leader Nesbitt is setting the pace in unionism

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Northern Ireland should take in several thousand of these destitute refugees.

                              When one considers the large number of Christian churches there are in Northern Ireland the christian response to the refugee now flooding into Europe is for us to take in several thousand. It should not be left up to Martin McGuinness to take the lead on this issue.  If little Iceland with a population of only 300 000 can offer to take in 11 000 then Northern Ireland should be able to respond and show compassion and also take in some, at least a few thousand. I find the views of UKIP Mr McNarry revolting.   Christ says in Matthew 25 "for as much as you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me"  What is the response of the unionist politicians?  do they have a response?