Wednesday, 9 September 2015

World`s largest nuclear submarine the Russian Dmitri Donskoy heading for Syria! Dramatic development!

 The world`s largest nuclear submarine the Dmitri Donskoy(above) with 20 ICBM and 200 nuclear warheads on board is on its way to take up position off the Syrian coast(Debka file report).  In addition six Russian Mig fighters have landed in Damascus and Russia is in the process of building a new base on the west coast of Syria. Will this lead to a confrontation with US military forces in the region? Are we on the verge of a nuclear conflagation?  The Russian submarine set sail on 4 September from its North Sea base
 escorted by two anti sub warfare ships.  Each nuclear missile on the Dmitri Donskoy has a range of
10 000km.  Will Obama confront Russia?  Is he capable of such insanity?

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