Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Trident submarines in Northern Ireland?

                   The suggestion by DUP  MP Jeffrey Donaldson that we in Northern Ireland could take the Trident nuclear submarines if required is an excellent suggestion.  However we should not wait until the SNP decide to reject Trident and the Scots vote for independence.  We should tell the Prime Minister NOW that we will take them NOW.  By us taking them NOW the SNP party would be completely neutered.  They would have nothing to grip about. Their favourite political ploy would be no more in Scotland. It would be a boon for the government and Northern Ireland would benefit to the tune of at least 10 000 jobs.  The union would be strengthened.   Northern Ireland has plenty of experience of building and looking after ships.  We are a seafaring country.

          Mr Corbyn: you are wrong.  Are people like Mr Corbyn and some Irish nationalists telling us that if North Korea landed a nuclear weapon in London, in Edinburgh or in Belfast that we should just sit there and take it?   The whole point about a nuclear deterrent is it "deters".  It makes countries like North Korea think twice before they decide to fire a nuclear weapon, that they might just get one back in double quick time!

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