Thursday, 3 December 2015

Unionist MPs support bombing Syria but will it help?

                 all eleven unionist MPs voted for air strikes against Isil.  however there is no plan to send in ground troops which the military see as necessary to see Isis defeated.  Some argue that bombing Isil will mean the deaths of innocent civilians.  That in turn may mean increased recruitment to the Isis cause.  Will the UK be in greater danger? This is the great unknown question.  Also who is supporting who?  Both Cameron and Obama were quick to support Turkey who shot down the Russian jet yet there is clear evidence that Turkey(a member of Nato) is buying Isis oil and sending them weapons. Aerial  photographs show columns of lorries crossing the Turkey Syria border.

                    Where does President Obama stand?  Captured Isis leader Yousef al-Salafi is reported by RT to have told Pakistani officials that Isis gets its funding from the US government.  If this is true what exactly is Obama up to?    War with Russia?  Reports indicate that Obama knew the flight path of the Russian jet but did nothing!

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