Monday, 19 December 2016

Bitter cold in US December 2016. Boston lowest temperature since 1883!

A runner on Brooklyn Bridge Manhatten December 17 2016.

                            People in north Dakota face "life threatening cold" and the risk of frostbite with exposure of 10 minutes or less (National Weather Service Report).  Temperatures in pa\rts of montana could plummet to record lows of around minus 30 degrees F.  (Report from weather Prediction Center).  Bitter cold winds coming in from Canada into the northern US.   up to six inches of snow expected in wisconsin, Indiana, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  Boston has had its lowest temperature since 1883!   (acknowledgements: hockey schtick tweet)

Friday, 2 December 2016

Mexico stands firm for marriage

                       a move to create a constitutional right to same sex marriage in Mexico has failed.  the constitutional committee of the lower house of Mexico`s congress rejected the plan by 19 votes to 8.  a statement from the chair said that this means the issue is "totally and definitely concluded".  There has been widespread protests in Mexico against redefining marriage.  Over a million attended nationwide rallies in 122 cities in support of traditional marriage  (Report from Campaign for Marriage  C4M)

Monday, 28 November 2016

The bigotry of the BBC. Carl Frampton omitted. They hate northern Ireland!

                     tonight we have just had the report on abortion by Mark Devenport on Newsline. It was about the working group reported recommendation for a change in the law, even a recommendation from republican Mr McGuinness supporting a change in the law.  Sadly Mrs Foster nothing to say.  Not a word from this biased bigoted reporting about the report of 300 000 signatures for no change in the law!!.  Its the same with Talkback with Mr Crawley.  Full support for abortion, for same sex marriage(yet  only 20 countries out of 190 in the UN support same sex marriage!), for the climate change lies and hoax, support for the EU, support for Clinton etc etc.  what a crowd of liberal unrepresentatives they are down at the BBC.   Thank the Lord  their day is ending with the election of Trump and with brexit.   Save us from Crawley, from Devenport and the rest of them.   lets have future unbiased reporting representing the people! not the establishment.

    BBC hatred for Northern Ireland.   They omit Carl Frampton in sports personality contest

Saturday, 19 November 2016


   THE DUPLICITY OF QUISLING JUDGES       Edward Spalton        The Europrobe
People who have spent all their political lives undermining the sovereignty of this country and its Parliament are now appealing to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty to delay and frustrate the exit of this country from the European Union. These are people who would echo the sentiments of Ken Clarke “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe”
They have now been joined by senior judges, including Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. His Lordship is a founder member of the European Law Institute, an organisation set up for the “enhancement of European legal integration” – that is, the ever increasing subjection of our law to the laws of the European Union.
Surely he must be aware of the principle that no man should be judge in his own cause – “nemo iudex in causa sua debet esse”. Yet he ignored it when he decided to sit on this case. The maxim was firmly established in the case “Frome United Breweries Co v Bath”, in which the then Lord Chancellor made a decision favourable to a canal company whilst, unknown to the parties involved, he was a shareholder of the company. His decision was set aside. “This will be a lesson to all…tribunals to take care, not only that in their decrees they are not influenced by their personal interests, but to avoid the appearance of labouring under such an influence.” Perhaps this partiality in London is the reason for the High Court’s decision being opposite to that in Northern Ireland..
Even local authorities are more careful. I recall that a lady, who campaigned to preserve the old Derby bus station, became a councillor and was disqualified from voting on the matter because her campaign was ruled to be “an interest”.
Over decades, independence campaigners have approached the courts to oppose increased subjection to the EU. On each occasion, they were summarily rebuffed on the grounds that the EU treaties were matters of Royal Prerogative – beyond reach of the courts .
There are even Europhiles who fantasise about this case going to the European Court of Justice.
           the Europrobe

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Statement from Royal Meteorologist Society member Piers Corbyn and

Congratulations President-Elect Trump!

"Whatever you may have heard or feel about Donald Trump his election is an amazing revolution and vote of no-confidence against the corrupt self-serving political establishment bubble, mainstream media and opinion manipulators in the USA and the world. The result will lead to tremendous changes which will defy and out-date the norms of today's tired and failing elites and methods.
This election is strangely reminiscent of my brother, Jeremy Corbyn's, epic victories in Labour - on many different policies but nevertheless against the establishment bubble. Incidentally I predicted BOTH these victories months ahead and will shortly collect bet winnings from William Hill for Trump's win.

"The political implications of Trump's election are tectonic and world-wide. There are TWO main changes coming:-

1. FAIR TRADE NOT the "FREE TRADE" of corporate-plunder favouring bad Trade Deals and rules, and limiting casino banking. We will see the end of TPP, TTIP, EUETS etc and replacement by fairer agreements for Trade and regulating the role of banks (known as 'Glass-Steigal' approaches eg).

2. AN END TO THE DELUSION OF MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE AND DATA-FRAUD and the advance of CLEXIT (Climate-Agreements-EXIT) world-wide. 
This must lead to the end of the UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and related junkets across the world, and an end to economically damaging carbon/energy taxes and charges. The labelling of CO2 as a pollutant must end and TRUE GREEN policies defending biodiversity and wildlife should be enacted instead.  Progressives must guard against the demise of the CO2 con being used as a Green-Light (LOL!) to wanton trashing of nature for profit. 

"AS with BREXIT none of the crazy establishment scare stories about a Trump victory will come true. I am sure President Trump - who thinks outside the box as a businessman rather than a politician - will be much easier and more flexible to deal with than the biased media have led us to believe especially for politicians who think positive about ways forward."

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Trump surging in the polls. LA Times has Trump six points ahead!

                     Latest poll by LA Times puts Trump an incredible 6 points ahead!  the presidential poll in the Investors Business Daily has Clinton only narrowly ahead.   Bloomberg has Trump ahead in Florida.  In Ohio 29% of black voters going for Trump.  The establishment polls such as the Washington Post look wrong just as they were for Brexit and for the Scottish referendum.  Will Trump cause a upset?  The stage is set for drama. Latest Rasmussen poll Friday eveniong gives Trump a three point lead nationally enough to give him the White House.

                                     AMERICAN ELECTION   AMERICAN ELECTION

Monday, 31 October 2016

The Natural Climate Change Conference.. London 22 November 2016

         The Natural Climate Change Conference.   22 November 2016  London
    Venue:  The John Harvard Library
                     211 Borough High Street
                     London SE! 1JA
   nearest tube:  London Bridge (Jubilee Line)
                             exit Borough High Street exit
  Time: 2pm to 5pm

  Speakers:   Piers Corbyn   Fellow Royal Meteorlogical Society
                       Philip Foster MA(Nat Sci)   Cambridge
                    Terri Jackson Msc MPhil   Founder Energy/Climate group at Institute of Physics.
                       Peter Gill Bsc   Insttitute of Energy
                            Professor Valentina Zherkova.  Professor of physics Northumbria University.
                        Tony Heller BA Msc     leading American climateengineer.

                                       ALL WELCOME

Thursday, 13 October 2016

American election gets nasty. Trump still ahead in spite of media bias and bigotry.!

In spite of accusations against Trump latest opinion polls puts Trump ahead.  the bigoted mainline media are doing their best to bring Trump down.   in spite of the bigotry from the likes of the Washington Post and the Washington Times   Rasmussen polling(the world leader) puts Trump  two points ahead.  Missouri poll puts him nine points ahead!.  the Obamas and Clintons are putting everything into blackening his name.  they are scared stiff Trump may win.  (Cartoon acknowledgements:  Catalino and Townhall publication US.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Brexit will boost Britain.. German business chief. Great news!

            aren`t you tired listening to the moaners such as some in the media in Northern Ireland who continue to bewail the democratic result of theUK referendum(not a Northern Ireland referendum but a UK referendum). Is it not great to hear a German business chief Mathias Dopfner chief executive of Axel Springer come out and predict that within a short time Britain will be doing better than the EU!.  He say that being free of the EU rules will enable Britain to implement a "very healthy talented orientated immigration policy"  He said that in three to five years time we will be better off than europe. (Report in the Times by Oliver Wright  27 September).
         We know where republicans stand in Northern Ireland but what about unionists such as the DUP?   The DUP economy minister Mr Hamilton will not tell us what way he voted. maybe is that because he has more in common with republicans that with the UK government?

Friday, 23 September 2016

4th International Conference on Climate Change Heartland Institute Chicago

Walter Cunningham was the Apollo Lunar pilot on Apollo 7 expedition to the moon.
Terri Jackson is secretary of Principia Scientific International and founder of energy/climate group at IOP London.
Calvin Beisner is spokesperson and founder of the Cornwall Alliance

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The greatest deception since the Garden of Eden!

            Tony Heller has exposed the climate fraud in a devastating exposure at the 34th International Conference on disaster preparedness held in Omaha Nebraska on 9 July this year.   his talk lasts one hour and exposes how far the fraudsters in NOAA and NASA are prepared to go to deceive the public. watch it ,you will be both shocked and amazed.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Brexit news. Asthma news.

Brexit.     Boris Johnson the UK foreign minister has told Mrs May to reject the EU Single Market and withdraw British funding from the EU now.(Daily Express report).  Britain pays about 8.5 billion a year into the EU budget. Also Mrs May is reported as telling Nicola Sturgeon that WE will decide the terms of a Brexit agreement. By WE she means the British cabinet not the SNP!

Asthma.   The DUP chair of the Stormont health committee Paula Bradley MLA has said that there needs to be better management of the condition.  Given that 44 people died in Northern Ireland last year with the condition  and a reported 180 000 are getting treatment the reason for Asthma both here and in GB should be investigated.  In GB especially in London thousands have already died.   The reason of course is due the pollution in the form of nitrous oxides and particulates being spewed out onto our streets from diesel cars..  Under the Brown Labour government  people were advised to buy diesel cars instead of petrol driven cars.  This is the result! thousands of deaths in GB and increasing deaths in Northern Ireland.  The selling of diesel cars should be stopped immediately.   Former London mayor Boris Johnson was fully briefed on the polluting effects of diesel cars.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Remarks of Mr Varadkar Irish government minister an insult to unionists

             The remarks of Irish government minister Mr L Varadkar that a special place should be found for unionists in a united Ireland are an insult.  I can see no situation where unionists will agree to a united Ireland.  Indeed the entire process of power sharing with Sinn Fein must be ended.  We have seen what has happened recently over the relation between a Sinn Fein minister and a unelected blogger.   Clearly Sinn Fein cannot be trusted.  My decision as a former DUP chair to join the Conservative party is fully vindicated and I would encourage any disaffected unionists of both the DUP and the UUP to do the same.  However failing that I would encourage both the DUP and the UUP to take the Conservative whip in the House of Commons which would at a stroke greatly strengthen the union.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Pitt the Younger on the defeat of Napoleon(equally applicable to Brexit)

Speech by Pitt the Younger after the defeat of Napoleon
    "England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example."
              A precursor of the 23 June Brexit vote.  A non violent repeat of history

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The new way forward for the UK?

Is this the new way forward for the UK .  Greater co-operation between the UK  Russia and China for mutual understanding peace and development.   UK Prime Minister Mrs May signalling for just such a development.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Islamic professor says globalists are using migrants to destroy the west. Breitbart report    Professor Abdessamad Belhajan islamic scholar said in a interview with the Hungarian Institute for Migration Research that liberal globalists are using Muslim migrants to turn western countries into socially divided societies of easily controlled consumers.  he talks of the Islamisation of Europe.  he says that in Islamic discourses migration is seen as a beginning of the Islamisation of continental Europe.  See also
breitbart report Virginia Hale 14 August 2016..

Friday, 12 August 2016

Lawrence Solomon. Teresa May to become one of the most radical leaders of the 21st century!

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of the most radical Western leaders of the 20th century. Today’s prime minister, Theresa May, seems set to be one of the most radical of the 21st.
The revolutionary May approach can be seen in her plan this week to develop Britain’s shale gas, which for a decade has been stymied both by opposition from local residents, who have been fearful that their environment would be contaminated, and from environmental groups who have stoked those fears. May is breaking this impasse by giving the residents a startling upside to shale gas development.
Under May’s approach, shale gas royalties that would ordinarily go to governments and quasi-governmental agencies will instead be directed to the residents in the communities hosting the developments. The BBC estimates individual households will be receiving as much as £10,000 ($16,800) under May’s plan; other estimates arrive at higher sums – as much as £65,000 per household lucky enough to be near large shale gas deposits. May’s plan is now expected to wash away local opposition to fracking and unleash the development of Britain’s massive shale gas resources, estimated by the British Geological Survey at 1,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, equivalent to a 500-year supply at current gas consumption levels.
This torrent of energy will benefit more than the local residents who until now saw only drawbacks to shale gas development in their community. The abundant supply of gas will lower energy costs throughout the country, relieving residential and business consumers alike and convincing British industries – which have been leaving Britain due to its high energy costs – to not only stay but also to expand their operations in the U.K.
The May approach isn’t limited to shale –  it will apply to developments of all kinds, whether other resource developments, industrial complexes or airport expansions. Through what she calls her blueprint for development projects, May will be converting the development delayer known worldwide as NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) into PIMBY (Please In My Back Yard), a development accelerator. Residents will effectively become pro-development lobbyists whenever they determine a development personally benefits more than discomforts them.
this article by Lawrence Solomon first appeared in the Canadian National Post

Monday, 8 August 2016

President of the Czech Republic urges his country to seal its borders to protect it from Islamist terrorism.

               The President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has urged his country to seal its borders in the interest of security.   This report from Deutsche Welle quotes his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek on Tuesday last who said that the President does not want to risk terrorist attacks like those in France and Germany.  The President has a stronger political role than in other central European countries but his power is still shared with the prime minister. The president also called for Czech citizens to arm themselves for self defence.
Reports  Deutsche Welle and the Clarion Project  Elliot Friedland 4 August 2016

Saturday, 30 July 2016

SNP Scottish government suffer humiliating defeat in UK Supreme Court

                          The UK Supreme Court have overruled the SNP Scottish government "state guardian" scheme.  It is a humiliating defeat for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.  The decision by the UK Supreme Court in London blocks the SNP planned introduction of the so called named person scheme. The ruling is a serious blow to Nicola Sturgeon and reveals in such matters the UK Supreme court has the final say.  It is the first time the court has prevented a major piece of legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament from coming into force.

                      Critics claim that the scheme would allow the named person usually a head teacher or health visitor to interfere in family life.  It was meant to take effect in August when named persons were due to be appointed to look after the well being of one million children and young people under the age of 18.  Five judges at the UK Supreme Court in London ruled it was incompatible with human rights law due to the proposals on sharing information. The judges were unanimous in declaring that Holyrood had exceeded its powers by making a law that allowed public bodies to share sensitive private information about children and parents without consent.The judgement emphasises the importance of article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights on the right to a private and family life. Lord Hodge said the scheme contradicted the rights of children young persons and parents under Article 8 of the ECHR.  In a withering passage the Court judgement states

                   "the first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get to the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their ruler`s view of the world.  within limits families must be left to bring up their children in their own way"
                            What a shocking indictment of  the SNP government!

Simon Calvert spokesperson for the No to Named Persons campaign said "this proposaed scheme was intrusive, incomprehensible and illegal"   Colin Hart of the Christian Institute said "this is a devastating blow for the Scottish government which sought to brush off all criticism as scaremongering"  
                   (report by Auslan Cramb scottish correspondent Daily Telegraph 28 july.).

Note:  the supremacy of the UK Supreme Court over the Scottish government in this ruling has clearly implications  in other political scpheres  such as the UK  EU referendum result.  The message to Ms Sturgeon and indeed also to Mr McGuinness is that the UK  Supreme Court has the final say in constitutional and political matters.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Historic photograph. Inaugural meeting of Bangor DUP

      This photograph taken 36 years ago shows Dr Ian Paisley with Terry Jackson(first chair) and Mrs Beryl Holland at the first inaugural meeting of Bangor DUP.  Hamilton House Bangor  Co Down

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Announcement. New party affiliation.

                    I am announcing today that in the interests of defence of the union with Britain and because of the look warm  support of the union from "unionist" parties I have now joined the Conservative party.    As the former chair of Bangor DUP and as a former staff research assistant to Dr Paisley and in view also of the way he was treated by the DUP I have now started a new relationship as a member of the Conservative party.  I strongly believe this will strengthen the union. Unionist parties such as the DUP and the UUP should take the Conservative whip in the House of Commons.
                    Ulster history. Ian Paisley marches 1960s  see latest pdf.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Economists for Brexit. Britain`s future is bright. Professor Patrick Minford Cardiff University

Here he goes again, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has renewed
his gloom forecasts for our economy. So the game of Brexit gloom goes on with Mr
Carney, Mr Cameron and the international establishment all willing cheerleaders.
George Osborne was at again yesterday warning an audience in Manchester
that “the referendum is expected to produce a significant negative economic shock to
our economy”
These people are anti free trade, pro foreign regulation and pro mass
immigration---all things the British people have rejected. Their forecasts of doom are
nonsense. As economists said it would the Pound has fallen in response to the
immediate impact of the vote. Any big policy change causes this sort of impact. It
happened when we left the EU`s fixed exchange rate system in 1992. Doomsters said
it would be a disaster but the Pound fell and the economy grew.
Today the fall in the pound will be a good thing. It stimulates exports,
encourages us to buy British and is pushing inflation towards the two percent target
the government is supposed to achieve. So why is he saying he may have to cut
interest rates? There is no evidence the economy is slowing. Retail sales and
investment spending have all held up. If the Brexit vote is honoured by the new
Conservative leader we will get free trade, home grown laws again and a green card
system that restricts immigration to those whose skills are needed. Free trade means
we get rid of those EU trade barriers on food and manufacturing that raise prices by
around eight percent. It would feel like a massive tax cut. It will mean more
competition, but we know that spurs hi-tech productivity gains and is good for the
growth of the economy. Two thirds of our car exports and half our manufacturing
exports already go to world markets outside the EU and hold their own.
Home grown regulation will underpin our country`s competitiveness and the
city will be protected from mad continental plans. We, not continental socialists will
decide how our labour laws should protect our rights while preserving our jobs. Skill
based immigration control will lift the expensive scourge of mass unskilled
immigration. This will boost our economy by saving millions on the welfare state.
The prospects are either as good as now, with two to three percent growth and rising
employment, or even better if we actually carry out what the Brexit vote implies.
What is the governor banging on about? Is he just homesick(he is a Canadian) and wants his P45?

 Professor Patrick Minford is co-chair of Economists for Brexit.  this article was first published in the Sun newspaper 2 July 2016.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Brexit. The withdrawal process from the EU. Constitutional Realities

Brexit. The withdrawal process from the EU. Constitutional realities.

The referendum on the EU was a UK referendum. It was not a series of four
separate referendums in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as some members of the
press and some politicians seem to think. In the referendum the UK was taken as a whole as one
country and not as four separate countries. The UK parliament in London has total power.. Both
the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly have no power to override the outcome
and the result. The UK result was to leave the EU. That means all the UK to leave. The UK is
taken as one country. Former Scottish First Minister Mr Salmon has recognised that fact. Those
who talk of a Scottish referendum or a Northern Ireland referendum are playing with the truth.
Such referendums did not take place. The only referendum that took place was a UK referendum
Two questions arise. . Firstly how can the UK quickly and efficiently extricate
itself from the EU? Secondly can Scotland secede from the UK through a second referendum if
they do not like the result?.
Taking the first question of the UK extricating itself. Repealing the ECA 72 will not
take us out of the EU! To withdraw from the EU Britain must denounce the EU treaties, both TEU
and TFEU(Schrimpton). Article 50 of the TEU should be enacted sooner rather than later. To wait
until a new Conservative leader and Prime Minister is in place is much too long and would give the
enemies of the democratic process time to regroup. The people have spoken and there can be no
turning back as the Prime Minister has said. Talk of a second referendum is just mischief.
The ECJ has ruled that The Vienna Convention on the law of treaties applies to the EU treaties so
the Vienna convention can be used to proceed to reject the role of the EU over British courts.

The second question of a possible second referendum in Scotland cannot happen without
the expressed permission of the UK parliament. If Scotland voted in any referendum
permitted by the UK parliament to become a separate EU state(which would not be a independent
state) it would have to adopt the euro and Schengen immediately. That would mean passport
controls at the border. Few would want that outcome. Also with oil down from $100 a barrel a
year ago to $50 a barrel and with the north sea oil industry contracting and with Scottish debt
mounting Scotland could economically suffer in taking such a perilous step.
Terri Jackson Msc MPhil(econ)

Monday, 23 May 2016

IMF Head Christine Lagarde in court charged with embezzlement and fraud!

                  The London Evening Standard in a news coup reports that the head of the IMF(the lady who has been at the forefront of Cameron and Osborne`s EU remain campaign) is in a Paris court today charged with embezzlement and fraud.   If convicted she could face ten years in jail.  How are the mighty fallen?  Resignation must be on the horizon for Ms Lagarde.   The UK Remain campaign of Cameron and Osborne faces  a massive blow to their credibility (photograph acknowledgement London Evening Standard)

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Geert Wilders (Dutch freedom party) supports UK brexit.

                      Geert Wilders leader of the poll topping Dutch Freedom party has come out in support of a UK brexit from the EU.  His party is expected to do well in the coming elections in the Netherlands..  He said that Brexit will trigger a patriotic spring against Brussels.He said Britain could liberate Europe for the second time from another totalitarian monster.  Wilders has in his office pictures of Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. He says if Britain exits the EU his Freedom party will push for a return to the guilder, an end to Muslim immigration and a swift referendum on Dutch EU membership.(Sunday Telegraph report  Peter Foster 22 May 2016)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Trump to renegotiate the UN Paris climate agreement. Rejects man made global warming! Also for Brexit!(6 May post)

Donald Trump to renegotiate the Paris Climate Agreement if elected President.In a interview by Reuters Republican presidential contender Donald Trump threw climate alarmists into a tizzy by saying he will renegotiate the UN Paris climate Agreement reached in Paris in December 2015.  Also in an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show Trump said he is not a believer in man made global warming!.  He said we have much bigger problems.  He also said he will cut the budget of the US Environment Protection Agency.  He said the Paris Agreement is one sided and bad for the United States! In the latest Rasmussen poll Trump is five percent ahead of Hiliary Clinton. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Visa free Turkey a terror threat!---- Sir Richard Dearlove MI6, supported by Penny Mordaunt MP (UK defence minister)

   What better reason is there for leaving the EU than the coming terror threat when 70 million turks get visa free entry to Europe. Sir Richard Dearlove the former head of MI6 has warned that the decision to give Turkey visa free travel into the EU is perverse.  Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are expected to seek Turkish passports to reach the EU as soon as the visa waiver programme comes into force. Penny Mordaunt the UK  armed forces minister in the UK government says that the migration crisis and the EU failure to control immigration is putting British citizens at risk. Penny Mordaunt is supporting the Leave EU campaign.   So am I and so should you reader.
(Report Daily Telegraph 17 May)

Friday, 13 May 2016

Huge disparity in immigration figures! National insurance and ONS figures dont tally!

                      A huge disparity in immigration figures into the UK has been revealed.  The official figures from the Office of National Statistics(ONS) reveals that from June 2010 to June 2015 there was a total of 990 000 immigrants into the UK from the EU.   However the number of National Insurance numbers issued to EU nationals over the same period stands at a massive 2 234 022.  Over double the numbers!  Immigration has been massively undercounted!  The public are being seriously misled.  We are being swamped with migrants.   We must vote out to survive.    

                     ON 23 JUNE  VOTE LEAVE TO SURVIVE!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Donald Trump backs Brexit for the UK! Not reported in UK biased press!

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has come out in support of Brexit, saying the UK would be “better off” outside of the European Union and lamenting the consequences of migration in the continent.  It has not been reported in the UK biased press in case it might upset Cameron`s campaign! no reports in Times, Guardian, Belfast Newsletter Belfast Telegraph.  Why not? Sheer bias!
The billionaire, who secured backing of Republican voters on a staunchly anti-immigration platform, said that his support for the UK leaving the EU was a personal belief and not a “recommendation”.
“I think the migration has been a horrible thing for Europe,” Trump told Fox News late on Thursday. “A lot of that was pushed by the EU. I would say that they’re better off without it, personally, but I’m not making that as a recommendation. Just my feeling.”
“I know Great Britain very well,” Trump continued. “I know, you know, the country very well. I have a lot of investments there. I would say that they’re better off without it. But I want them to make their own decision.”

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cruz attacks Obama over Brexit!

Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has attacked President Obama`s comments on Britain leaving the EU, telling Breitbart London exclusively that the President should look to make Brexit an opportunity rather than doing down the chances of Britain getting a free trade deal with the United States.  Obama`s comments were also quickly rebuked by officials in his own administration.(photo acknowledgement Breitbart).

Monday, 18 April 2016

The attack on the Twin Towers. Were the Saudis involved? A UK ally?

Now all over the US and UK media new revelations that the Congressional report on 9/11 shows Saudi Arabia involvement.  Pressure on President Obama as he visits Saudi Arabia  to release the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 Congressional Report. (image  Sean Adair/Reuters/Corbis/  Mail on Sunday 17 April 2016)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Europrobe. Read the shocking truth
                   ( highlight and rightclick)
(highlight and rightclick)

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Eurosceptics win Dutch referendum! Pro EU heavily defeated.

                              Eurosceptics have won the Dutch referendum by a large majority of over 60 percent!     the referendum was on closer EU ties with Ukraine a failed state.    This is a fillip to the anti  EU leave campaign in the United Kingdom.   Bookmakers in the UK are predicting a UK withdrawal from the EU.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Message for Cameron on Steel. Stop green taxes. ( Published in Daily Telegraph 1 April 2016)

Prime minister David Cameron says he wants a strong steel industry.  Why then is his governme burdening industrial consumers such as Tata steel with high green taxes making them uncompetitive?The Wall Street Journal reports that Britain`s heaviest industrial power consumers such as Tata steel paid 9.3p/kwh for electricity in the second half of 2014 (EU data) compared to a EU average of 5p/kwh!  Wall Street Journal 7 October 2015.  Companies and consumers are sometimes paying as much as six times more for electricity than european peers per ton of emissions.  All in the name of the climate fraud!
           (latest research shows that the human element of released carbon dioxide is no more than two percent!  The increase of carbon dioxide(a harmless gas)  in the atmosphere is beyond human control.
new research by Professor Murry Salby)

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Reagan on Freedom

President Reagan on Freedom.----relevant to up coming UK  EU Referendum.
Quote: " those who have known freedom and have lost it have never known it again"!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Obama in Cuba

acknowledgements to Henry Payne and

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mark Twain on voting. New Zealand votes for the union flag.

If voting made any difference they wouldn`t let us do it.   Mark Twain!    This quote is NOT a reason not to vote!    Vote and at least get rid of all that pent up anger!  New Zealand has just voted by a large majority of 57 percent to 43 percent to retain the union flag with the union jack.

Friday, 18 March 2016

As IDS goes Osborne must resign. Eleven million disabled people back IDS

                      First it was pensions, then Sunday trading now it is disability cuts.  Osborne is finished.
Cameron is also to blame for the climate fiasco and for putting faith in Osborne.  The conservative party must elect a new leader.  I support Boris Johnson as a new Conservative leader. Ian Duncan Smith is a hero to the eleven million disabled people in the UK.   think of it a possible eleven million votes to come in the future by disabled people.  Taxis can bypass them, they still cannot get proper access to some shops.  The Conservative party may pay a very high price in the future for Osborne`s disastrous( anti disabled) budget.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sturgeon and the SNP. The latest Scottish bluff!.

                Ms Sturgeon tells us the SNP are going to organise for another crack at independence.  This from a party who has been informed by the Expenditure and Revenue Scotland bulletin that Scotland has a massive black hole of £15bn.  This is a staggering deficit twice as big per capita as in the UK as a whole!  We in Northern Ireland thought our accounts were bad but nothing compared to the Scots.   The last referendum the SNP arranged led to a big defeat with 24% more Scots voting no rather than independence. That was when the oil price was $100 a barrel .  Now the price is $40 a barrel.   The North Sea oil revenues are in decline.   Who are the Sturgeon led SNP trying to fool?  there is no way Scotland will go for independence again. The canny Scots are not fooled as the SNP will find out in the May elections.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Queen Backs Brexit---------- Sun Newspaper

Today the Sun Newspaper published a bombshell in the EU debate with the Queen reportedly backing Britain to leave the EU.  A reported "senior source" said for anyone present at the lunch there would be no doubt as to the Queen`s views onthe EU.

Monday, 7 March 2016

One in five in Northern Ireland living in poverty------report.

               the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in a report this week have concluded that one in five people in Northern Ireland are living in poverty.  This must come as a shock to the DUP jobs minister and the Stormont executive.  Time for change, time for action for the DUP jobs minister Mr Bell. what is the jobs minister doing to replace the 1000 jobs going at Bombardier? what is Ian Paisley MP doing to replace the jobs going at Mitchelin?

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Massive electoral boost for DUP as Nesbitt and UUP vote to stay in the EU.

  The DUP must be pleased at the stance taken by the UUP in the EU debate.   By electing to campaign to stay in the EU the UUP have virtually ensured their electoral defeat in unionism.   Opinion poll after opinion poll has shown that the majority are for Brexit.   The tide is for brexit.  those who vote to stay in a collapsing state have nothing to offer.
CHURCHILL:"If Britain has to choose between Europe and the open sea Britain must always choose the open sea"

Thursday, 3 March 2016

An assessment of Cameron`s so called EU deal by Michael Shrimpton Barrister.

An assessment by Michael Shrimpton Barrister
From: Michael Shrimpton <>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 13:35:30 +0000
Having studied the full text of the final agreement as released by Reuters five hours ago it is clear that the UK Government is seriously misrepresenting this agreement.
It is not a binding international treaty and contains no provision for notification to the UN or deposition of instruments of ratification.  It takes the form of the fraudulent Danish agreement of 1992 at Edinburgh, i.e. a decision of the Heads of State and Government meeting "within" the European Council, not as the European Council.
It is not therefore a decision of an EU institution and it has no status under EU law.
Even if it were a treaty it would not be binding until ratified.  No EU Member State is proposing to ratify before the referendum on 23rd June.
The provisions on "ever-closer union" do not and could not bind the ECJ,as they do not amend the Treaty on European Union (TEU).  
The commitment to treaty change is legally meaningless, as none of the Heads of State or Government could have bound their respective states, which would have to ratify in accordance with their internal constitutional requirements.  The European Parliament is not a party to the agreement and had not even debated it.  It is not even arguably bound and therefore would be free to reject the proposed treaty change.
I respectfully agree with President Hollande's reported comment that the agreement is not binding.  Since it isn't binding we need not get to the issue of reversibility.  
There in no agreement to limit in-work benefits for new arrivals from the EU until 2023 for a period of up to four years per worker, with a taper.  All that has been agreed is that the European Council will consider an amendment to the relevant EU Regulation.  Without that amendment the Regulation would continue to have automatic effect in the UK.  Any EU migrant affected could take the UK to the ECJ, which could strike down the amendment for non-compliance with the TEU in any event.  Regulations are secondary instruments under EU law and must comply with the TEU.  
There is therefore no "emergency brake", simply an indication to consider such a mechanism, the economic impact of which would be marginal anyway. 
EU economic migrants already here would not be affected.  The agreement, such as it is, applies to new arrivals from 24th June only, assuming a vote to remain.   
Parliament's status is barely affected.  If the TEU is amended, working with a weighted majority of other national parliaments, Parliament will be able to force a rethink for new measures only.  

Put shortly, we are being sold a pup.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Brexit leader delivers for Northern Ireland. Another 195 buses for Ballymena from Boris Johnson

                      The mayor of London Boris Johnson has delivered another 195 buses order for Wrightbus  Ballymena worth over £60 million.  This makes a grand total of 1000 buses for Wrightbus!  The hope must be that other GB cities like Birmingham and Liverpool will follow suit.
No scare stories from Boris just more manufacturing.    

 Homeless disgrace.    The third person has died on the streets of Belfast in the last three weeks,  a disgrace to the elected MLAs at Stormont.  they should hang their heads in shame.  The solution is to pass a law making it illegal for a person to live on the streets.   Then they would have to be housed.  Some houses should be especially set aside for homeless people. What an awful  example from supposedly christian Northern Ireland

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Should Ulster have their own international rugby team?

    The answer must be an emphatic yes after another poor display by Ireland against England.  I watched Ireland play, dropped passes, penalties given away, caught in possession. lineouts given away.  Shocking!  Time for a new Ulster international rugby team.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mental health in Northern Ireland. non-existent? Message for DUP health minister.

              The third homeless man has been found dead in Belfast City Centre in the last three weeks. Why are people still homeless and sleeping rough in Northern Ireland?.  Can the big earning MLAs not bring it to themselves to erect another hostel that can take these homeless people off our streets?
Too much trouble?
                What about the christian DUP with their health minister?  No action?  Over 70 young mothers with acute depression illnesses have nowhere to go with their babies..  Not one mother and baby unit in Northern Ireland!  Yet GB has scores of such units.  A disgrace to the DUP health minister.  About four attempted suicides every week in Magabery prison.  The prisons director Ms McAllister has nothing to say!   Pitiful!   then you want our votes!

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Trump consider theory US Supreme Court justice Scalia might have been murdered! CBS News Report

Donald Trump considers theory Scalia might have been murdered.   The US Supreme Court voted down President Obama`s global warming climate policies by a 5 to 4 vote.  Justice Scalia was one of the five who voted against the global warming policy.  

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not exactly knocking down a conspiracy theory that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia might have been murdered.
The subject came up during an interview on Michael Savage's radio show, "The Savage Nation."
"Donald I need to come back to the topic we've been all screaming about here which is Scalia," Savage said to Trump. "Was he murdered? I know it's pretty brutal to say that, and I'm not wanting to drag you into this but this is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I went on the air and said we need the equivalent of a Warren Commission, we need an immediate autopsy before the body is disposed of. What do you think of that?"
"I'm hearing it's a big topic, that's the question. And it's a horrible topic, but they say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow," Trump responded. "I can't give you an answer. You know usually I like to give you answers but I literally just heard it a little while ago."
Scalia, 79, was found dead in his hotel room Saturday during a hunting trip in West Texas after he failed to show up at breakfast. He was pronounced dead by a justice of peace who did not see the body or order an autopsy, which has fueled some speculation about his death.
The judge, Cinderela Guevara of Presidio County, told the Washington Post that she pronounced him dead after law enforcement assured her "there were no signs of foul play" and she had spoken with Scalia's physician in Washington, who said he suffered from several chronic conditions.
Although a Texas TV station claimed Guevara said Scalia died of a "myocardial infarction," or heart attack, she told the Post she simply meant that his heart had stopped. A heart attack means that the flow of blood to a section of the heart muscle is blocked, but the heart doesn't usually stop beating, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Cardiac arrest, in contrast, occurs when the heart "suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating."
"He died of natural causes," she said.
The murder theory appears to stem from the fact that John Poindexter, who owned the ranch where Scalia was staying, told a San Antonio newspaper that he and a friend of Scalia's discovered him "in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled."
"He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap," Poindexter said.
(copied from CBS report)

The U.S. Marshals Service, which normally provides security for Scalia, was not on the trip to Texas because he had declined security for the personal excursion, the agency said.

A question for Ms De Villiers Secretary of Stated for Northern Ireland.

    Maybe Ms De Villiers can tell us what on earth US American lawyers have to do with UK national security.  Most people would say it is none of their business!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Jim Allister exposes Sinn Fein hypocracy on BBC Spotlight

                        On the BBC Spotlight programme on Tuesday evening Jim Allister exposed the Sinn Fein hypocracy on the past.  Sinn Fein want total exposure by the British government.   However as Jim Allister pointed out when exposure was required by Mr McGuinness in the Saville Inquiry over his membership of the IRA there was complete silence.   Total Sinn Fein double standards.  The British government must reveal all but dont ask Sinn Fein to do the same!

                Mr Allister also spoke up well for disabled children against the outrageous attempt by thepro abortionists in the Alliance party and others  to introduce fatal foetal abnormalty.  Dr Dornan of the Royal College said on the View programme there was no such medical term as fatal foetal abnormality.  Also Antonin Scalia the justice of the US Supreme Court said before he died that abortion was a problem for politics not for the law!    So the pro life stance in the assembly by pro life politicians is fully backed by the late Justice Scalia in  spite of Obama.

Monday, 15 February 2016

US Supreme Court justice (now deceased) Antonia Scalia agreed with DUP on abortion!

                       The US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia(now deceased) agreed with the DUP position on abortion, namely that abortion is a matter for politics not the law!(todays London Times Report).  Also he said previously that the US Supreme Court decision in 1973 establishing the right for women to have abortions was wrong.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sinn Fein to drop terror law in Republic!

                      The heading in the Irish Independent "Soft on crime:  Sinn Fein to drop terror law".  Sinn Fein wants to repeal the country`s powerful anti terror laws, despite the two cold blooded murders that have shocked the nation  So goes the report in the Irish Independent. An astonishing position for any political party.  As heavily armed police patrol Dublin  Mr Adams` party is committed to repealing  the laws outlawing membership of illegal organisations, intimidation of the government and the establishment of kangaroo courts if the party gets into power in the Irish Republic.  (report by Paul Williams, Niall O`Connor and Kevin Doyle).
                 This is a marxist agenda if ever there was one.  Not really surprising for  students of democracy and the political process.   one must ask the question. what are they doing in power in Northern Ireland?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Climate Change letter. Daily Mail January 2016.

Hot denials (Daily Mail 15 January 2016)

ThE National Oceanic and
atmospheric administration report
that 2015 was the second hottest year
on record (Mail) is untrue.
It depends on terrestrial groundbased
temperature data that is
compromised. Data from the UK Met
Office hadley Centre and the
University of East anglia Climatic
Research Unit, Nasa’s Goddard
Institute for Space Studies and the
North Carolina National Climatic Data
Center has been altered to give the
impression the Earth is warming up.
Data found by scientists at the
University of alabama, huntsville,
shows that 1998 and 2010 were warmer
than 2015, which had an average
global temperature of a statistically
insignificant 0.27 deg celsius above
average, largely due to the Pacific El
Nino — a natural occurrence.
Every non-adjusted data set shows
that most of the supposedly hottest
years occurred before the fifties, with
1921, 1931 and 1934 being the three
hottest. as for wet months, UK Met
Office records going back to 1776
show the wettest December in England
and Wales was in 1876 and the
wettest month was October 1903.
as a result of the interference with
ground-based temperature recording
bodies, the Space and Science
Research Corporation (SSRC), a
world leader in climate prediction,
has abandoned these three data sets
and will rely only on University of
alabama and Remote Sensing Systems
satellite measurements, neither of
which shows any global warming.
SSRC has accused the U.S. government
climate bodies, NOAA and NASA,
and President Obama, of deceiving
the public over the true status of the
earth’s climate. It says: ‘Until scientific
integrity is restored to the White
House and in the rest of the federal
government, we will be forced to rely
solely on satellite data.’
TERRI JACKSON, Bangor, Co. Down

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

DUP should not be combining with Sinn Fein to ask for a referendum postponement.

                Mrs Foster leader of the DUP should not be combining with republicans to have a UK referendum postponed.  Seven weeks between the May elections and the referendum date is time enough.

Monday, 1 February 2016

2000 autistic children waiting for appointments some nearly two years. Act Mr Hamilton.

             A message for the health minister Simon Hamilton.   when one thinks of the large salaries some in health trusts administration are receiving.   Compare that with the lack of financial resources for attention to autistic children and the question must be asked.  where is the priority? Has the time come to close several of the health trusts?   Close two trusts and see the money roll in for autistic children.  Too much administration is killing our health service.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Martina Anderson(Sinn Fein) position on farmers exposed

              The Newsletter headline this morning that farmers incomes have plummeted 41 percent has exposed the position of Martina Anderson(Sinn Fein) on BBC Talkback this week when she was in support of staying in the EU because she said the farming community get so much from the EU.  If that is the case how come then farmers incomes have plummeted 41 percent.  Who do you believe?
(note: Is BBC TalKback programme the most biased anti unionist programme on the air?)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mr Kenny. Please butt out!

                     I agree with the comments of DUP  Nigel Dodds MP  that we in the unionist community find the interference in the internal affairs of Northern Ireland by the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic quite unacceptable.  If there is a EU referendum for the UK then we as part of the UK will leave the EU if the UK as a whole votes to leave.  Whatever the views of Mr Kenny it is the people of the UK who will decide and we in Northern Ireland being part of the UK will abide by the decision of the people of the UK as a whole.  So Mr Kenny your interventions are not appreciated.  We do not want your continual interference in our affairs.

Tip offs but no actions from UK security!

    Latest information is that the Shankill bomber was a RUC informant yet MI5 took no action! why? The same UK security services, in particular GCHQ knew the phone numbers of the Omagh bombers yet did not pass them on to the police detectives.  Why?   Was this due to some sort of UK policy?
Remember it was at that  time in the midst of the bombing campaign that power sharing with republicans came into vogue.   Food for thought!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

BBC Any Questions: The EU and same sex marriage!

                      The BBC discriminated against the unionist electorate on Any Questions which came from Belfast last Thursday evening.  I did not see one unionist in  the audience.  When a show of hands was taken on  the EU the entire audience voted to stay in which was totally unrepresentative of the unionist electorate.   It seemed that Nigel Dodds MP a member of the panel was the only unionist in the hall!  Gross discrimination against the unionist people by the biased BBC. Shame on the biased BBC!

               On the question of same sex marriage I thought Nigel Dodds missed the opportunity to explain why Christians stand against same sex marriage.  Nigel  missed an opportunity to explain  that if same sex marriage was granted in Northern Ireland it would seriously discriminate against marriage because marriage is a church ordinance.  It is not a state ordinance as some like Cameron suggest.  It was founded by Christ himself.  So if same sex marriage was granted not only would Christ`s position  be undermined as the sole author of marriage all those who hold to the sacred ordinance of marriage as presently constituted would be discriminated against. The equality argument is a secular argument but we are dealing with a spiritual argument which is different.

Corbyn wanst Argentina to have a say over the Falklands. Foolishly cites Northern Ireland

                     Jeremy Corbyn wants Argentina to be given a role in the government of the Falklands.  He cites northern Ireland as a good example.  This shows his complete ignorance of Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland has always been under the British crown while Argentina is a foreign country where the Queen has no writ.  The present arrangements in Northern Ireland are between two factions both under the British crown  unionists and nationalists so there is no comparison with Argentina.  Clearly Corbyn is out of his depth.  As well as wanting Trident nuclear submarines ended he also wants negotiations with ISIS.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Telling the future. a cool look at President Obama

acknowledgements to Heartland Institute Chicago and Branco

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Is Mrs Merkel finished as German leader? Border controls strengthened a necessity.

                              Given the attacks on German women in Cologne and in other German cities on New Years Eve the German people are outraged.  Can Mrs Merkel survive.  It must be extremely doubtful.  Reports of a thousand north african immigrant males attacking German women must surely be a warning to other countries in Europe including Britain of the danger of large numbers of single foreign males being given entry.  While one has sympathy for those genuinely fleeing persecution one must also bear in mind infiltration by those intent on causing harm has already happened.  Some connected with the Paris attacks have been found to have infiltrated over the cover of immigrants.
Borders in Europe must be strenmgthened and that includes borders in the UK

Monday, 11 January 2016

Kissinger--------Islamic state must be defeated!

                             Former US statesman Henry Kissinger interviewed by Sky News this month said that ISIS must be defeated.  He said we cannot negotiate with them.  however it is clear Cameron and Obama are not listening.  The much heralded bombing raids by the RAF have so far come to the massive total of three in early December.  Captured Isis leader Yousef al-Salafi told Pakistani officials they(ISIS) get their financial support from the American government!(RT television report)   Tell that to the families of British and American citizens murdered by these barbarians.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Flooding.-- The EU Water Framework Directive is to blame!

          The flooding in Fermanagh and in other parts of the UK is the fault of the European Water Framework directive in 2000.  No longer were the authorities charged with a duty to prevent flooding.  Instead the emphasis shifted, in an astonishing reversal of policy, to a primary obligation to achieve "good ecological status" for rivers etc.   " Heavily modified waters" is mentioned as not acceptable.  this includes rivers dredged or embanked to prevent flooding, cannot, by definition, ever satisfy the terms of the directive.  So in order to comply with the obligations imposed on us by the EU dredging and embanking had to stop to allow rivers to "reconnect with their floodplains".   this of course is a EU dictat which will increase flooding.
                      the only answer for Fermanagh and other parts of the UK is to start dredging regardless of what the EU says.   If dredging is not started the flooding will only get worse.  In Fermanagh the river Bann must be dredged at the point it enters lough Neagh.

Pastor McConnell cleared in court. DUP MP Sammy wilson calls for the resignation of DPP

       In the wake of the victory by pastor McConnell in court Sammy Wilson MP calls for the resignation of the Director of Public Prosecutions.   Who is this person who seems to keep a very low profile? I fully support Sammy Wilson in his call for the DPP to go.  The Prime minister must be asked to move him.  He is totally unacceptable to the christian community in Northern Ireland.