Friday, 5 February 2016

Climate Change letter. Daily Mail January 2016.

Hot denials (Daily Mail 15 January 2016)

ThE National Oceanic and
atmospheric administration report
that 2015 was the second hottest year
on record (Mail) is untrue.
It depends on terrestrial groundbased
temperature data that is
compromised. Data from the UK Met
Office hadley Centre and the
University of East anglia Climatic
Research Unit, Nasa’s Goddard
Institute for Space Studies and the
North Carolina National Climatic Data
Center has been altered to give the
impression the Earth is warming up.
Data found by scientists at the
University of alabama, huntsville,
shows that 1998 and 2010 were warmer
than 2015, which had an average
global temperature of a statistically
insignificant 0.27 deg celsius above
average, largely due to the Pacific El
Nino — a natural occurrence.
Every non-adjusted data set shows
that most of the supposedly hottest
years occurred before the fifties, with
1921, 1931 and 1934 being the three
hottest. as for wet months, UK Met
Office records going back to 1776
show the wettest December in England
and Wales was in 1876 and the
wettest month was October 1903.
as a result of the interference with
ground-based temperature recording
bodies, the Space and Science
Research Corporation (SSRC), a
world leader in climate prediction,
has abandoned these three data sets
and will rely only on University of
alabama and Remote Sensing Systems
satellite measurements, neither of
which shows any global warming.
SSRC has accused the U.S. government
climate bodies, NOAA and NASA,
and President Obama, of deceiving
the public over the true status of the
earth’s climate. It says: ‘Until scientific
integrity is restored to the White
House and in the rest of the federal
government, we will be forced to rely
solely on satellite data.’
TERRI JACKSON, Bangor, Co. Down

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