Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mental health in Northern Ireland. non-existent? Message for DUP health minister.

              The third homeless man has been found dead in Belfast City Centre in the last three weeks. Why are people still homeless and sleeping rough in Northern Ireland?.  Can the big earning MLAs not bring it to themselves to erect another hostel that can take these homeless people off our streets?
Too much trouble?
                What about the christian DUP with their health minister?  No action?  Over 70 young mothers with acute depression illnesses have nowhere to go with their babies..  Not one mother and baby unit in Northern Ireland!  Yet GB has scores of such units.  A disgrace to the DUP health minister.  About four attempted suicides every week in Magabery prison.  The prisons director Ms McAllister has nothing to say!   Pitiful!   then you want our votes!

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