Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Message for Cameron on Steel. Stop green taxes. ( Published in Daily Telegraph 1 April 2016)

Prime minister David Cameron says he wants a strong steel industry.  Why then is his governme burdening industrial consumers such as Tata steel with high green taxes making them uncompetitive?The Wall Street Journal reports that Britain`s heaviest industrial power consumers such as Tata steel paid 9.3p/kwh for electricity in the second half of 2014 (EU data) compared to a EU average of 5p/kwh!  Wall Street Journal 7 October 2015.  Companies and consumers are sometimes paying as much as six times more for electricity than european peers per ton of emissions.  All in the name of the climate fraud!
           (latest research shows that the human element of released carbon dioxide is no more than two percent!  The increase of carbon dioxide(a harmless gas)  in the atmosphere is beyond human control.
new research by Professor Murry Salby)

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Reagan on Freedom

President Reagan on Freedom.----relevant to up coming UK  EU Referendum.
Quote: " those who have known freedom and have lost it have never known it again"!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Obama in Cuba

acknowledgements to Henry Payne and

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Mark Twain on voting. New Zealand votes for the union flag.

If voting made any difference they wouldn`t let us do it.   Mark Twain!    This quote is NOT a reason not to vote!    Vote and at least get rid of all that pent up anger!  New Zealand has just voted by a large majority of 57 percent to 43 percent to retain the union flag with the union jack.

Friday, 18 March 2016

As IDS goes Osborne must resign. Eleven million disabled people back IDS

                      First it was pensions, then Sunday trading now it is disability cuts.  Osborne is finished.
Cameron is also to blame for the climate fiasco and for putting faith in Osborne.  The conservative party must elect a new leader.  I support Boris Johnson as a new Conservative leader. Ian Duncan Smith is a hero to the eleven million disabled people in the UK.   think of it a possible eleven million votes to come in the future by disabled people.  Taxis can bypass them, they still cannot get proper access to some shops.  The Conservative party may pay a very high price in the future for Osborne`s disastrous( anti disabled) budget.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sturgeon and the SNP. The latest Scottish bluff!.

                Ms Sturgeon tells us the SNP are going to organise for another crack at independence.  This from a party who has been informed by the Expenditure and Revenue Scotland bulletin that Scotland has a massive black hole of £15bn.  This is a staggering deficit twice as big per capita as in the UK as a whole!  We in Northern Ireland thought our accounts were bad but nothing compared to the Scots.   The last referendum the SNP arranged led to a big defeat with 24% more Scots voting no rather than independence. That was when the oil price was $100 a barrel .  Now the price is $40 a barrel.   The North Sea oil revenues are in decline.   Who are the Sturgeon led SNP trying to fool?  there is no way Scotland will go for independence again. The canny Scots are not fooled as the SNP will find out in the May elections.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Queen Backs Brexit---------- Sun Newspaper

Today the Sun Newspaper published a bombshell in the EU debate with the Queen reportedly backing Britain to leave the EU.  A reported "senior source" said for anyone present at the lunch there would be no doubt as to the Queen`s views onthe EU.

Monday, 7 March 2016

One in five in Northern Ireland living in poverty------report.

               the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in a report this week have concluded that one in five people in Northern Ireland are living in poverty.  This must come as a shock to the DUP jobs minister and the Stormont executive.  Time for change, time for action for the DUP jobs minister Mr Bell. what is the jobs minister doing to replace the 1000 jobs going at Bombardier? what is Ian Paisley MP doing to replace the jobs going at Mitchelin?

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Massive electoral boost for DUP as Nesbitt and UUP vote to stay in the EU.

  The DUP must be pleased at the stance taken by the UUP in the EU debate.   By electing to campaign to stay in the EU the UUP have virtually ensured their electoral defeat in unionism.   Opinion poll after opinion poll has shown that the majority are for Brexit.   The tide is for brexit.  those who vote to stay in a collapsing state have nothing to offer.
CHURCHILL:"If Britain has to choose between Europe and the open sea Britain must always choose the open sea"

Thursday, 3 March 2016

An assessment of Cameron`s so called EU deal by Michael Shrimpton Barrister.

An assessment by Michael Shrimpton Barrister
From: Michael Shrimpton <>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2016 13:35:30 +0000
Having studied the full text of the final agreement as released by Reuters five hours ago it is clear that the UK Government is seriously misrepresenting this agreement.
It is not a binding international treaty and contains no provision for notification to the UN or deposition of instruments of ratification.  It takes the form of the fraudulent Danish agreement of 1992 at Edinburgh, i.e. a decision of the Heads of State and Government meeting "within" the European Council, not as the European Council.
It is not therefore a decision of an EU institution and it has no status under EU law.
Even if it were a treaty it would not be binding until ratified.  No EU Member State is proposing to ratify before the referendum on 23rd June.
The provisions on "ever-closer union" do not and could not bind the ECJ,as they do not amend the Treaty on European Union (TEU).  
The commitment to treaty change is legally meaningless, as none of the Heads of State or Government could have bound their respective states, which would have to ratify in accordance with their internal constitutional requirements.  The European Parliament is not a party to the agreement and had not even debated it.  It is not even arguably bound and therefore would be free to reject the proposed treaty change.
I respectfully agree with President Hollande's reported comment that the agreement is not binding.  Since it isn't binding we need not get to the issue of reversibility.  
There in no agreement to limit in-work benefits for new arrivals from the EU until 2023 for a period of up to four years per worker, with a taper.  All that has been agreed is that the European Council will consider an amendment to the relevant EU Regulation.  Without that amendment the Regulation would continue to have automatic effect in the UK.  Any EU migrant affected could take the UK to the ECJ, which could strike down the amendment for non-compliance with the TEU in any event.  Regulations are secondary instruments under EU law and must comply with the TEU.  
There is therefore no "emergency brake", simply an indication to consider such a mechanism, the economic impact of which would be marginal anyway. 
EU economic migrants already here would not be affected.  The agreement, such as it is, applies to new arrivals from 24th June only, assuming a vote to remain.   
Parliament's status is barely affected.  If the TEU is amended, working with a weighted majority of other national parliaments, Parliament will be able to force a rethink for new measures only.  

Put shortly, we are being sold a pup.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Brexit leader delivers for Northern Ireland. Another 195 buses for Ballymena from Boris Johnson

                      The mayor of London Boris Johnson has delivered another 195 buses order for Wrightbus  Ballymena worth over £60 million.  This makes a grand total of 1000 buses for Wrightbus!  The hope must be that other GB cities like Birmingham and Liverpool will follow suit.
No scare stories from Boris just more manufacturing.    

 Homeless disgrace.    The third person has died on the streets of Belfast in the last three weeks,  a disgrace to the elected MLAs at Stormont.  they should hang their heads in shame.  The solution is to pass a law making it illegal for a person to live on the streets.   Then they would have to be housed.  Some houses should be especially set aside for homeless people. What an awful  example from supposedly christian Northern Ireland