Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Message for Cameron on Steel. Stop green taxes. ( Published in Daily Telegraph 1 April 2016)

Prime minister David Cameron says he wants a strong steel industry.  Why then is his governme burdening industrial consumers such as Tata steel with high green taxes making them uncompetitive?The Wall Street Journal reports that Britain`s heaviest industrial power consumers such as Tata steel paid 9.3p/kwh for electricity in the second half of 2014 (EU data) compared to a EU average of 5p/kwh!  Wall Street Journal 7 October 2015.  Companies and consumers are sometimes paying as much as six times more for electricity than european peers per ton of emissions.  All in the name of the climate fraud!
           (latest research shows that the human element of released carbon dioxide is no more than two percent!  The increase of carbon dioxide(a harmless gas)  in the atmosphere is beyond human control.
new research by Professor Murry Salby)

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