Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sturgeon and the SNP. The latest Scottish bluff!.

                Ms Sturgeon tells us the SNP are going to organise for another crack at independence.  This from a party who has been informed by the Expenditure and Revenue Scotland bulletin that Scotland has a massive black hole of £15bn.  This is a staggering deficit twice as big per capita as in the UK as a whole!  We in Northern Ireland thought our accounts were bad but nothing compared to the Scots.   The last referendum the SNP arranged led to a big defeat with 24% more Scots voting no rather than independence. That was when the oil price was $100 a barrel .  Now the price is $40 a barrel.   The North Sea oil revenues are in decline.   Who are the Sturgeon led SNP trying to fool?  there is no way Scotland will go for independence again. The canny Scots are not fooled as the SNP will find out in the May elections.

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