Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Visa free Turkey a terror threat!---- Sir Richard Dearlove MI6, supported by Penny Mordaunt MP (UK defence minister)

   What better reason is there for leaving the EU than the coming terror threat when 70 million turks get visa free entry to Europe. Sir Richard Dearlove the former head of MI6 has warned that the decision to give Turkey visa free travel into the EU is perverse.  Foreign terrorists and organised criminals are expected to seek Turkish passports to reach the EU as soon as the visa waiver programme comes into force. Penny Mordaunt the UK  armed forces minister in the UK government says that the migration crisis and the EU failure to control immigration is putting British citizens at risk. Penny Mordaunt is supporting the Leave EU campaign.   So am I and so should you reader.
(Report Daily Telegraph 17 May)

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