Monday, 22 August 2016

Remarks of Mr Varadkar Irish government minister an insult to unionists

             The remarks of Irish government minister Mr L Varadkar that a special place should be found for unionists in a united Ireland are an insult.  I can see no situation where unionists will agree to a united Ireland.  Indeed the entire process of power sharing with Sinn Fein must be ended.  We have seen what has happened recently over the relation between a Sinn Fein minister and a unelected blogger.   Clearly Sinn Fein cannot be trusted.  My decision as a former DUP chair to join the Conservative party is fully vindicated and I would encourage any disaffected unionists of both the DUP and the UUP to do the same.  However failing that I would encourage both the DUP and the UUP to take the Conservative whip in the House of Commons which would at a stroke greatly strengthen the union.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Pitt the Younger on the defeat of Napoleon(equally applicable to Brexit)

Speech by Pitt the Younger after the defeat of Napoleon
    "England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example."
              A precursor of the 23 June Brexit vote.  A non violent repeat of history

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The new way forward for the UK?

Is this the new way forward for the UK .  Greater co-operation between the UK  Russia and China for mutual understanding peace and development.   UK Prime Minister Mrs May signalling for just such a development.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Islamic professor says globalists are using migrants to destroy the west. Breitbart report    Professor Abdessamad Belhajan islamic scholar said in a interview with the Hungarian Institute for Migration Research that liberal globalists are using Muslim migrants to turn western countries into socially divided societies of easily controlled consumers.  he talks of the Islamisation of Europe.  he says that in Islamic discourses migration is seen as a beginning of the Islamisation of continental Europe.  See also
breitbart report Virginia Hale 14 August 2016..

Friday, 12 August 2016

Lawrence Solomon. Teresa May to become one of the most radical leaders of the 21st century!

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of the most radical Western leaders of the 20th century. Today’s prime minister, Theresa May, seems set to be one of the most radical of the 21st.
The revolutionary May approach can be seen in her plan this week to develop Britain’s shale gas, which for a decade has been stymied both by opposition from local residents, who have been fearful that their environment would be contaminated, and from environmental groups who have stoked those fears. May is breaking this impasse by giving the residents a startling upside to shale gas development.
Under May’s approach, shale gas royalties that would ordinarily go to governments and quasi-governmental agencies will instead be directed to the residents in the communities hosting the developments. The BBC estimates individual households will be receiving as much as £10,000 ($16,800) under May’s plan; other estimates arrive at higher sums – as much as £65,000 per household lucky enough to be near large shale gas deposits. May’s plan is now expected to wash away local opposition to fracking and unleash the development of Britain’s massive shale gas resources, estimated by the British Geological Survey at 1,300 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, equivalent to a 500-year supply at current gas consumption levels.
This torrent of energy will benefit more than the local residents who until now saw only drawbacks to shale gas development in their community. The abundant supply of gas will lower energy costs throughout the country, relieving residential and business consumers alike and convincing British industries – which have been leaving Britain due to its high energy costs – to not only stay but also to expand their operations in the U.K.
The May approach isn’t limited to shale –  it will apply to developments of all kinds, whether other resource developments, industrial complexes or airport expansions. Through what she calls her blueprint for development projects, May will be converting the development delayer known worldwide as NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) into PIMBY (Please In My Back Yard), a development accelerator. Residents will effectively become pro-development lobbyists whenever they determine a development personally benefits more than discomforts them.
this article by Lawrence Solomon first appeared in the Canadian National Post

Monday, 8 August 2016

President of the Czech Republic urges his country to seal its borders to protect it from Islamist terrorism.

               The President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman has urged his country to seal its borders in the interest of security.   This report from Deutsche Welle quotes his spokesman Jiri Ovcacek on Tuesday last who said that the President does not want to risk terrorist attacks like those in France and Germany.  The President has a stronger political role than in other central European countries but his power is still shared with the prime minister. The president also called for Czech citizens to arm themselves for self defence.
Reports  Deutsche Welle and the Clarion Project  Elliot Friedland 4 August 2016