Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Brexit will boost Britain.. German business chief. Great news!

            aren`t you tired listening to the moaners such as some in the media in Northern Ireland who continue to bewail the democratic result of theUK referendum(not a Northern Ireland referendum but a UK referendum). Is it not great to hear a German business chief Mathias Dopfner chief executive of Axel Springer come out and predict that within a short time Britain will be doing better than the EU!.  He say that being free of the EU rules will enable Britain to implement a "very healthy talented orientated immigration policy"  He said that in three to five years time we will be better off than europe. (Report in the Times by Oliver Wright  27 September).
         We know where republicans stand in Northern Ireland but what about unionists such as the DUP?   The DUP economy minister Mr Hamilton will not tell us what way he voted. maybe is that because he has more in common with republicans that with the UK government?

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