Sunday, 26 November 2017

Mrs Foster writes to leaders of all 27 EU countries regarding Brexit.

              DUP leader Mrs Foster said at the DUP conference that she has written to the leaders pf all 27 EU countries setting out that the DUP will not accept any Brexit arrangements that are different from the rest of the UK.  I did not see this important step reported in the Northern Ireland media either the BBC or the print media  Newsletter, Belfast Telegraph, Irish News.   So much for accurate reporting of the DUP.  One  expects the BBC bias but this should have been reported in the print media.
                The BBC Mark Carruthers interviewed Peter Lilley the former conservative shadow chancellor regarding Brexit and Northern Ireland.  Mr Lilley said that the policing of the border after Brexit would be the responsibility of the Irish government.   Mr Carruthers in true BBC style was not amused at Mr Lilley daring to put the Dublin government on the spot.

          Victims commissioner Judith Thompson was unable to attend the memorial service in Enniskillen on 8 November for victims of the IRA Enniskillen bomb but was able to send two representatives of her office to the Sinn Fein conference in Dublin.  Jim Allister MLA has written to her asking what measures is the Victims Commission taking to ensure public display of the new Enniskillen memorial. 

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