Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Northern Ireland government collapses.

                           Northern Ireland is now without a government.   No ministers from northern Ireland.   No direct rule ministers as yet.  clearly mandatory power sharing is not working.  It must be either full direct rule or voluntary coalition power sharing.   the problem with Sinn Fein is they are not democrats.  they are marxists. Sinn Fein mention the Irish language.  the Irish language already gets at least £20 million.   It is unacceptable for them to get anymore recognition.   there are more Polish speakers in Northern Ireland than Irish speakers.   Northern Ireland needs a English language policy as there are many immigrants in Northern Ireland who cannot speak English.  Northern Ireland is British and the language of Northern Ireland is English.   Immigrants have a right to be able to learn English.
                            On the question of marriage Sin  Fein are quick to mention equality.   The European Court of Human Rights in its judgement in a case in France in June 2016 said that same sex marriage is NOT a right.  Only 10 percent of the 190 nations in  the UN have same sex marriage.

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