Monday, 26 March 2018

SundayTimes letter on the BBC

    The BBC divides the UK

                   Lord Hall has a cheek(BBC warns of tech giants dividing UK).   If anything can be accused of dividing the UK it is the BBC.   Left wing, contemptuous of Brexit, obsessed with gender and identity politics, the BBC increasingly broadcasts to a nation it believes should exist, rather then the one that does.  The diversity it so obsesses about is lacking at every level of its decision making.  It is no good if a committee is balanced on gender or ethnicity if all those people are social liberals who think Tories are dangerous barbarians.
             David Gould   London E9    Sunday Times March 2018

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Northern Ireland frictionless border--belongs to world of pixies?

Dear Sir
                         Matt Ridley predicts electricity will be generated from nuclear fusion by 2030.  I think this is unlikely. Not for nothing has nuclear fusion been described as  "the energy of the future---and it always will be".  Much like a frictionless border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, fusion generation belongs in the world of unicorns and pixies.
Robert Wright.   Letter to the Times 20 March 2018

Friday, 16 March 2018

UK government vetoes UN resolution on Salisbury poisoning!

                       On Wednesday 14 March the UK government vetoed a UN Resolution asking for an investigation into the atrocity in Wiltshire Salisbury.    The Resolution was brought by Russia!  The BBC Question Time programme on Thursday 15 March was dominated with the Salisbury poisoning scandal.  The audience was enthralled by the debate with Kerr Starmer MP Labour having a real battle with the RT reporter Afshan Rattansi.  Rattansi in particular wanted to know why the UK government vetoed the UN resolution.  Chair David Dimbelby was hard pressed to keep order.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Remainers! time to repent. The Bible says so!

 we are in the midst of Brexit negotiations
with the EU.   A fundamental policy of the EU is uncontrolled
immigration.  Uncontrolled immigration is completely unbiblical.  Acts
17v26 reminds us that God himself set the borders of nations so that
the inhabitants will seek the Lord(v27).  When the Israelites were on
their journey to the promised land they wanted to pass through Edom
but passage was refused by the King of Edom.    The Israelites
respected the proclamation of the King and did not cross the borders
of Edom(Numbers 20v 17-21).  The Bible repeatedly refers to borders as
providing peace and protection.  The building of the walls of
Jerusalem by Nehemiah was essential for Israel`s survival.   Those who
voted to remain in the EU referendum knowing the EU policy on
immigration were committing sin.  Time to repent!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Full support for Baroness Paisley

                   Baroness Paisley in a timely intervention in the devolution debate criticised Mrs Foster the DUP leader for refusing to stand down in the cash for ash controversy over renewables energy.  I agree that if Mrs Foster had  stood down the NI executive would have still been operating.    Also Iagree with Baroness Paisley in her rejection of a Irish Language Act and a Ulster Scots Act.   She said both not needed.
With Dr Paisley and Eileen Paisley on a evangelical gospel outreach, also Anne Jackson, Rev McDermott, Terri Jackson(1984).