Sunday, 11 March 2018

Remainers! time to repent. The Bible says so!

 we are in the midst of Brexit negotiations
with the EU.   A fundamental policy of the EU is uncontrolled
immigration.  Uncontrolled immigration is completely unbiblical.  Acts
17v26 reminds us that God himself set the borders of nations so that
the inhabitants will seek the Lord(v27).  When the Israelites were on
their journey to the promised land they wanted to pass through Edom
but passage was refused by the King of Edom.    The Israelites
respected the proclamation of the King and did not cross the borders
of Edom(Numbers 20v 17-21).  The Bible repeatedly refers to borders as
providing peace and protection.  The building of the walls of
Jerusalem by Nehemiah was essential for Israel`s survival.   Those who
voted to remain in the EU referendum knowing the EU policy on
immigration were committing sin.  Time to repent!

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