Monday, 28 November 2016

The bigotry of the BBC. Carl Frampton omitted. They hate northern Ireland!

                     tonight we have just had the report on abortion by Mark Devenport on Newsline. It was about the working group reported recommendation for a change in the law, even a recommendation from republican Mr McGuinness supporting a change in the law.  Sadly Mrs Foster nothing to say.  Not a word from this biased bigoted reporting about the report of 300 000 signatures for no change in the law!!.  Its the same with Talkback with Mr Crawley.  Full support for abortion, for same sex marriage(yet  only 20 countries out of 190 in the UN support same sex marriage!), for the climate change lies and hoax, support for the EU, support for Clinton etc etc.  what a crowd of liberal unrepresentatives they are down at the BBC.   Thank the Lord  their day is ending with the election of Trump and with brexit.   Save us from Crawley, from Devenport and the rest of them.   lets have future unbiased reporting representing the people! not the establishment.

    BBC hatred for Northern Ireland.   They omit Carl Frampton in sports personality contest

Saturday, 19 November 2016


   THE DUPLICITY OF QUISLING JUDGES       Edward Spalton        The Europrobe
People who have spent all their political lives undermining the sovereignty of this country and its Parliament are now appealing to the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty to delay and frustrate the exit of this country from the European Union. These are people who would echo the sentiments of Ken Clarke “I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe”
They have now been joined by senior judges, including Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales. His Lordship is a founder member of the European Law Institute, an organisation set up for the “enhancement of European legal integration” – that is, the ever increasing subjection of our law to the laws of the European Union.
Surely he must be aware of the principle that no man should be judge in his own cause – “nemo iudex in causa sua debet esse”. Yet he ignored it when he decided to sit on this case. The maxim was firmly established in the case “Frome United Breweries Co v Bath”, in which the then Lord Chancellor made a decision favourable to a canal company whilst, unknown to the parties involved, he was a shareholder of the company. His decision was set aside. “This will be a lesson to all…tribunals to take care, not only that in their decrees they are not influenced by their personal interests, but to avoid the appearance of labouring under such an influence.” Perhaps this partiality in London is the reason for the High Court’s decision being opposite to that in Northern Ireland..
Even local authorities are more careful. I recall that a lady, who campaigned to preserve the old Derby bus station, became a councillor and was disqualified from voting on the matter because her campaign was ruled to be “an interest”.
Over decades, independence campaigners have approached the courts to oppose increased subjection to the EU. On each occasion, they were summarily rebuffed on the grounds that the EU treaties were matters of Royal Prerogative – beyond reach of the courts .
There are even Europhiles who fantasise about this case going to the European Court of Justice.
           the Europrobe

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Statement from Royal Meteorologist Society member Piers Corbyn and

Congratulations President-Elect Trump!

"Whatever you may have heard or feel about Donald Trump his election is an amazing revolution and vote of no-confidence against the corrupt self-serving political establishment bubble, mainstream media and opinion manipulators in the USA and the world. The result will lead to tremendous changes which will defy and out-date the norms of today's tired and failing elites and methods.
This election is strangely reminiscent of my brother, Jeremy Corbyn's, epic victories in Labour - on many different policies but nevertheless against the establishment bubble. Incidentally I predicted BOTH these victories months ahead and will shortly collect bet winnings from William Hill for Trump's win.

"The political implications of Trump's election are tectonic and world-wide. There are TWO main changes coming:-

1. FAIR TRADE NOT the "FREE TRADE" of corporate-plunder favouring bad Trade Deals and rules, and limiting casino banking. We will see the end of TPP, TTIP, EUETS etc and replacement by fairer agreements for Trade and regulating the role of banks (known as 'Glass-Steigal' approaches eg).

2. AN END TO THE DELUSION OF MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE AND DATA-FRAUD and the advance of CLEXIT (Climate-Agreements-EXIT) world-wide. 
This must lead to the end of the UNIPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and related junkets across the world, and an end to economically damaging carbon/energy taxes and charges. The labelling of CO2 as a pollutant must end and TRUE GREEN policies defending biodiversity and wildlife should be enacted instead.  Progressives must guard against the demise of the CO2 con being used as a Green-Light (LOL!) to wanton trashing of nature for profit. 

"AS with BREXIT none of the crazy establishment scare stories about a Trump victory will come true. I am sure President Trump - who thinks outside the box as a businessman rather than a politician - will be much easier and more flexible to deal with than the biased media have led us to believe especially for politicians who think positive about ways forward."

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Trump surging in the polls. LA Times has Trump six points ahead!

                     Latest poll by LA Times puts Trump an incredible 6 points ahead!  the presidential poll in the Investors Business Daily has Clinton only narrowly ahead.   Bloomberg has Trump ahead in Florida.  In Ohio 29% of black voters going for Trump.  The establishment polls such as the Washington Post look wrong just as they were for Brexit and for the Scottish referendum.  Will Trump cause a upset?  The stage is set for drama. Latest Rasmussen poll Friday eveniong gives Trump a three point lead nationally enough to give him the White House.

                                     AMERICAN ELECTION   AMERICAN ELECTION