Friday, 24 February 2017

White House bars the BBC!

                                 At the White House press office event Friday afternoon the BBC was barred by White House press officer Sean Spicer along with the New York Times and the LA Times.   those permitted in to the press conference included the Washington Post, CBS, Fox, Bloomberg, ABC and NBC.     Report from The Hill Friday 24 February.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

British Ambassador slams Amnesty International lies.

                                  In remarks today to Sputnik former UK ambassador to Syria Peter Ford scathingly attacked Amnesty International, for its claim that Bashar al-Assad regime had carried out mass hangings and extermination of 13000 prisoners at the Saydhaya prison outside Damascus.  He said their allegations do not stand up to scrutiny.   Ford was ambassador to Syria 2003-2006 and he asked why it was that Amnesty chose to release its report on Feb 7 just two months after Syrian forces liberated the city of Aleppo.   The witnesses cited were anonymous and no evidence was provided.  While Amnesty claimed that the prison held 10-20000 prisoners at a time, Ford explained that the prison was far too small to hold that number of prisoners.  At best he said the prison could hold 10% of that number.
                              Ford also that this is the same Amnesty who during the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait made "sensationalist" charges that Iraqi soldiers had stolen incubators and left the babies to die on the floor.  Ford said "it was a total fabrication----they used it to justify the Iraq war".   He said that Amnesty International is "the vanguard of liberal interventionism.  they have become part of the liberal elite establishment.  This is the new way of picking up the white man`s burden---you go around changing regimes that you accuse of human rights abuses"