Thursday, 30 March 2017

BBC Bias Bigotry Cover Up!


The OBR(Office of Budget Responsibility) reports the “going green” coverup!
Concealed by the BBC!
The going green coverup is just as bad as the EU trade and immigration
cover ups. While some Westminster politicians expound on the cost of electricity to consumers
the OBR reveals the truth, covered up by the BBC! The real reason electricity prices are
escalating is not because of the policies of the energy companies as some politicians would
have you believe. It is due entirely to environment levies as the OBR has pointed out. Over
the next five years the OBR reports such levies will have risen to £13.5 billion a year, of which
the largest component £11 billion will be the subsidies paid to wind and solar farms and
biomass mainly burning wood pellets shipped over from the US. The five year total for these
measures will come to around £57 billion. To this must be added the Renewable Heat
Incentive with a five year cost of £4.9 billion. Add in the projected cost of the Air Passenger
Duty and the Climate Levy which the OBR estimates at £29 billion and all this means we will
have a bill of £91 billion by 2022, equating to £700 a year for every household in the land.
Little wonder the NHS is being starved of cash. Its all going to the climate hoax. The BBC
“forgets” to mention this the real cause of rising fuel bills!
(the environment climate levies for a climate policy that has no scientific support. Ask
any university physics research department from Northumberland to Southhampton
universities and they will tell you the cause of climate change is the changing sun now almost
bereft of sun spots a sure indicator of the fast approaching ice age. . See enclosed leaflet).

The EU plot to destroy the peoples of Europe including the UK. Ignored by the BBC!
The globalists fake news! Mr Blair, Lord Hesiltine are you listening?
Mass migration will destroy English culture. The mass migration plan is to
completely destroy the face of Europe including the UK. European integration is the first step
to world government. In 1922 Richard Condenhove-Kalergi founded the pan european
movement in Vienna. He said the plan was for the peoples of Europe to interbreed with Asians
and non white races so they can be easily controlled. The plan is to use mass migration to
eliminate the identity of nations. . Brock Chisholm when director of the UN WHO said “to
achieve one world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their
individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identity”
The EU Condenhove-Kalergi prize(also known as the EU Charlemagne prize) set up
to further the aims of EU integration has been won by Mrs Merkel and by Van Rompuy for
their efforts to further the plan. The essence of cultural marxism is the support of mass
immigration and open borders. The end goal of cultural marxism is white genocide. The goal
is the annihilation of western civilization in general and white people in particular. This
should be headline news in the UK media and on the BBC. The fact it is not shows that either
theBBC is unaware of it or it is their deliberate choice not to publish it. British society is
being overwhelmed. Social services cannot cope with the influx. The UN marxists have
proposed that Europe take in 159 million immigrants by 2025 to cope with the low birth rate.
Strange indeed that the low birth rate could easily be enhanced by support for families. The
servants of globalization such as Blair and others are trying to convince us that to deny our
identity is a progressive and humanitarian act. European integration amounts to genocide. It
is national suicide!
(see (report 2013—043).

EU Trade deals. Osborne`s fake news! No mention from the BBC!
Mr Osborne said recently that to leave the EU without a trade deal would
be the biggest act of protectionism in British history. However he forgot to relate that in 2016,
China, the USA, Russia, Japan, India, Brazil exported goods to the value of 845 billion to the
EU. None of these countries has a trade deal with the EU! Stop the fake news Mr Osborne!
No reports from the BBC!

BBC bias against the Christian faith
the Christian faith has been the bedrock of this country for centuries. Laws in the
UK were centred on the Bible. There is a Bible in the House of Commons. On her coronation
the Queen was presented with a Bible and told “here is wisdom”. Recently Carol Monaghan a
christian SNP MP was ridiculed by the BBC when she wore ashes on her forehead in the
House of Commons after having attended a christian lent service. The Inside politics bigots
said “was it appropriate for her to come to work with a christian cross on her forehead?”.
They are the self appointed judges and jury! The bigots of the BBC. After pressure being
exerted the BBC presenter Fiona Bruce stopped wearing a christian cross. However no
pressure was exerted on a muslim lady for wearing a headscarf when reading the news. She
was allowed! Special dispensation from the BBC.
Also a muslim lady has been appointed head of BBC religious broadcasting. Given
over 65 percent of people in the UK have repeatedly said they are christians in poll after poll
one would have thought that it would have been more in keeping with the christian ethos of
this country that a christian could have been found to fill this position. Such is the BBC
bigotry against christianity. The much loved Songs of Praise programme has been handed to
a outside body such is the BBC bias. Why should the rest of us suffer when it is us who pay
the liscence fee to keep this bigoted organisation in operation!
EU laws:
The proposed UK Great Reform Bill incorporating EU laws. Is it legal under the
1669 Bill of Rights? Has the BBC lovers of the EU ever heard of the Bill of Rights?. Here it
UK 1669 Bill of Rights.
“no foreign prince, person, prelate,state or potentate hath,
or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence,
or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm”.
No need for the Great Reform Bill, no need for Article 50! they are EU law, illegal under the
UKBill of Rights!   just keep trading and leave!

TJ Research 2017

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