Friday, 29 September 2017

The German election: Mrs Merkel: Are her days numbered?And Mrs May?

                    The electoral earthquake in Germany where Mrs Merkel suffered the biggest setback  when the CDU got its lowest ever vote.  the AFD swept into the Bundestag with over 90 MPs, a devastating blow against Mrs Merkel.  Many commentators are saying it is only a matter of time before she goes.   Will her green policies deliver the final blow with over 330 000 electricity consumers disconnected from the German grid last year (covered up by the globalist media!)due to their inability to pay the high prices as a result of subsidies to the green renewables.  Will this populism be the downfall of Mrs May in the UK?  A leader with the same policies of green subsidies which the OBR in its last report estimates that in the UK by 2022 every household will be paying over £700 as a result of green subsidies.  Will it be the green plague that finishes both Mrs Merkel and Mrs May?

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